Bush Co. vs. State's Rights

I know that this is a well worn topic, but the case of the Bush Administration's challenge to Oregon's assisted suicide law comes before the Supreme Court today, the first major case to be heard before the "Roberts' Court". "Why blog on this?", you might ask? Because of how much it will say about the new court.

Let's be clear, Bush Co. has already proven that his administration only believes in limited government when states behave themselves. In other words, Bush and the Republican yes-men in Congress have no interest in living up to their rhetoric when it interferes with their agenda. But they did put John Roberts, someone they hope will be a strict constructionist, on the court. Well we're about to see exactly what kind of court this will be.

Oregonians voted for their assisted suicide legislation, twice! The Bush Administration's case is weak, as it's based on the peripheral issue of federal drug laws. Let's see if Roberts lives up to Republican hype and tells Bush Co. where to stick this attempt to thwart the will of Oregon's voters.


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