Brother Jed on the web.

Damn I almost can't believe it! Makes complete sense though, Brother Jed Smock on the web. I remember Jed and Sister Cindy (Lasseter) from my years at University of Texas. Jed and Cindy would always preach on the West Mall the week before spring break.

This school is a hoooottttbeeeyyyd of forn-NI-CA-TION! with everyone in the crowd shouting right along with him.


Wow, my sister and I were just talking about it. They called her a prostitute and told her she was going to burn in hell because she was wearing pants. They took her picture and put it on their website.
Wow! Recently? I haven't seen Jed since I made a special trip to University of Minnesota (wife's alma-matter) to see him and Brother ??? preach. (Don't remember the other guy's name. Short, round, bearded gent.) This was in, like, 1990.
This was probably about 5 or 6 years ago
Just goes to show ya: Brother Jed is eternal. All that clean living, I guess. Though by looking at the size of his family, I'd guess that Jed and Cindy have been up to "the devil's business."
Oh my God, Brother Jed is STILL around?! He declared me "The Queen of Smut" at the University of Minnesota in the spring of 1984 because I wore pants. My two best friends then decided that since he had given me a title, they wanted one too, so they proclaimed themselves the "Princesses of Passion". You should have seen how pissed Jed got!

Then there was the time he was going on about Catholic women being "hussies" and that true woment of God didn't cut their hair. One of my "princesses of passion" had her long tresses held up for Jed by a friend of hers who said, "Like this?" Jed was so pleased to see that hair until Eileen said, "Yup, and it's on the head of a 'Roman Catholic hussy'!" Jed shut up about hair after that one.

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