Alito -Time For The Filibuster!

OK liberals, I'm about to commit heresy but please hear me out. It's time for the filibuster. The Democrats must attempt to take Alito down.

As reported well...everywhere...Alito is a certifiable nightmare for the progressive agenda. There was only one judge on Bush Co.'s list that is worse than Alito and that's Janice Rogers Brown (an activist conservative who's incoherent to boot). But liberals need to disavow themselves of the notion we can stop this nomination--we can't, and we better start playing to win the war and not this battle.

If we want a chance of swinging the court back to a progressive stance in 5 years instead of 20, the filibuster is a must. It needs to be used and used repeatedly until the Republicans exercise the so-called "nuclear option," in a fit of pique. Why? First, a nominee like Alito (or whoever comes after him) is inevitable, will take the court in a conservative direction, and will misstep. Imagine if Alito is able to forge a consensus that overturns the Family and Medical Leave Act, as he is inclined to do. The wailing in the Red States will be heard from space. Second, in the 5 to 10 year time frame three, maybe four, more justices will retire, and we want to be the party in power when that happens. Moreover, we want the unfettered ability to appoint without considering the radicals that are trying to destroy us. Third, the Democratic leadership is so timid, that all they can try to do is be conservative lite. We need more than that, and if we can't count on Pelosi, Reid, et. al. then let's count on the Republicans in their incredible hubris--because they will provide that differentiation, if we unchain them.



Absolutely. Can you just imagine the crying that will happen in a few years ? Well, guess what? Say thanks to Frist, Delay, and the rest of the G.O.P. space cadets for giving the progessive agenda its biggest boost.
Is that really your rallying cry? We'll be great in a decade or so!

Sweet. Stick with it. It works.
Nope. It's realism, and you better pray that your party picks up on it.

The Democrats aren't going to stop the Alito nomination, and even if they do then they won't stop the Brown nomination...or whatever-the-fuck nomination comes after that. I want the Democrats to play for keeps, targeting the 8 years that come after Bush. The Republicans are lining up to shoot themselves with a court that will nail their constituency to the wall. I want to hand them the gun.
And exactly how does a judge who refuses to legislate from the bench stick it to those who want a judge who won't legislate from the bench?

How does a pro-life judge stick it to those who oppose abortion?

How does a conservative judge stick it to those who want a conservative judge?

Maybe you're trying reverse psychology, or maybe you've just awaken to the fact that Republicans control the government fully for the first time in our lives. Perhaps this is simply your defense mechanism to the realities that liberal ideals simply aren't the mainstream of America. Maybe it's just that somewhere out in the distant future is all you have to hold onto, and you're grasping for something, anything to make you feel better.

To each his own. I'm as happy as can be these days... and Wednesday is going to be a happier day as we all remember where we were this time last year when the results rolled in.... ahhhh, ain't life grand....
"Is that really your rallying cry? We'll be great in a decade or so!"

If Buckley and the other prominent conservatives of the 60s and 70s had thought like you do, your party wouldn't be in power today. Guess it's fortunate it was him and not you back then.
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How does a conservative judge stick it to those who want a conservative judge?

Easily. Republicans are lining up a court that will start an unprecendented rollback of aspects of the social safety net that red staters don't even know they depend on.

Hey! You live in Texas, right? No income tax, net sucker at the federal teat... You better get ready.
Sorry, not real worried about losing gubmint "safety nets". I wouldn't miss them if they're gone.

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