The Value of Continued Dissent

For those of you who missed it, here's an example of the right's response to the anti-war protests in D.C. yesterday, as expressed by Sen. Jeff Sessions (R. Alabama):
The group who spoke here the other day did not represent the American ideals of freedom, liberty and spreading that around the world. I frankly don't know what they represent, other than to blame America first.
In point of fact, we (the protestors, the liberals, the left) are the only group in this scenario that truly understand freedom and liberty--our counterparts on the right displayed signs that said things like "Arrest the traitors". Senator Sessions, for his part, seems to need a refresher on the whole Constitution thing.

The "real Americans" are the ones that call Bush Co. to account for its sorry handling of Iraq and the so-called war on terror. The real Americans were the ones in streets getting arrested on the day war started. Real Americans know when they're being fed a load of fabricated bullshit from an administration whose only policy seems to be to keep American scared. Real Americans know the difference between a real patriot like Russ Feingold (D. Wisconsin, voted against both the war and the USA Patriot Act) and a sorry little fascist fuck like Jeff Sessions who only seems interested in silencing dissent. And real Americans value their liberty so much that they won't hesitate to liberally cast blame on an arrogant, ignoramus like G. W. Bush.


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