Nope--President Neuman Won't Be In Texas This Week

As reported in Salon:
After insisting that he had good reason for going to Texas and that he wouldn't be in the way when he got there, CNN is reporting that George W. Bush has just called off his trip to the Lone Star State.
One wonders if G.W.'s worried about encountering fleeing residents that might just be a little pissed off about all of the ways that he screwed up the state before he left.


"KWTX - Air Force One landed in Austin just before 2 p.m. Saturday as President Bush arrived in Texas to check on the emergency response in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita. Mr. Bush will spend Saturday night in San Antonio."

But don't let the silly facts get in the way of your hate.
Check your dates bonehead. K. posted that on Friday.
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and you conveniently didn't update it because the facts made your post completely irrelevent and moot. But thanks for playing.

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