Changing your circumstances to save energy.

Here's a blindingly stupid quote from a prof at the U of M:
People can't change where they live. They can't change where they work, and there aren't any clear substitutes to gas. You can't run your car on much else. It's not like switching from oranges to grapefruits.

Richard Porter, economics professor at the University of Michigan
The Times should know better than to publish dreck like this. People can and should do exactly what this bonehead says they can't. Move your work into a city, ride public transit (or better yet WALK!), and you'll be healthier, you'll probably make more $$$, and you'll save energy (Duh!) Get rid of your car and save between $10,000 and $15,000 a year. Now, plow that back into your mortgage--that's the difference between a $225,000 home and $300,000 home. Probably get you out of some soulless suburb and into a cool, gentrified neighborhood with some character.


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