Republicans Move to the Center...

...or do they?

Looks like Jeanine Pirro, a popular district attorney from Westchester County, NY is gearing up for a run against Hillary Clinton. The odd thing is that Ms. Pirro is as tight lipped as Scott McClellan when it comes to answering questions about her positions on certain key issues. Though it's widely known that on abortion rights, gay rights, and the death penalty she's pro, pro, pro. Not really the credentials of a Bush Co. Republican. In fact when asked, she wouldn't even embrace that label. And, when you combine the fact that she's almost a Democrat with the fact that she has almost no...read ZERO...chance of beating Clinton, you have to conclude that something else is going on here.

What could it be? The wing-nuts know Pirro won't win, but as a centrist, Pirro could put Clinton through a bruising Senate seat battle just before the run up to a 2008 presidential race.

Personally, I'd prefer that Clinton stomp Pirro and stay in the Senate. New Yorkers like Clinton; she's skilled; works closely and well with Charles Schummer (D. NY); and I'd like nothing more than to see Hillary ascend to the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee. Imagine the apoplexy on the right when they have to contend with Senator Clinton watching over the sniveling dupes they put in the White House.

The Senate will be back in Democratic hands soon enough. I want Hillary there to keep a wing-nut executive in check.


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