An Energy Bill That Does Exactly Nothing...

...but line the pockets of traditional Bush Co. supporters. But more to the point. In a blinding bit of Orwellian news-speak, Bush commented:
This bill will strengthen our economy, and it will improve our environment, and it's going to make this country more secure...
Really Mr. President? And how exactly is your bill going to do that? Looks to me like the bulk of the provisions are incentives to the oil and gas industry to increase production capacity. So...you're...what? Encouraging the biggest per capita consumers of energy in the world to just go on consuming? Status quo, huh Mr. President? Not much help for the environment either, I'll wager. What with increased refining capacity combined with increased consumption.

But listen up President Neuman, I'm willing to take matters into my own hands. How about you give me a big fat tax incentive, and I'll cut my energy consumption in half. No problem. I'll chuck the car, and I'm done. Better yet, I'll cut down my greenhouse gas emissions by the same. Two fewer plane trips per year along with the car, and that's accomplished. Save me a decent chunk of change too--$10,000 maybe $15,000 thousand dollars per year. And, if every whining S.U.V. owner did the same, they could use the enormous amount of money they saved to, as you put it:
...help keep momentum in the right direction so people can realize their dreams.
Because in the end your worthless, bloated giveaway to the energy industry isn't going to strengthen the economy (well...except for your friends), and isn't going to improve our environment, and isn't going to make us more secure.


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