Run From the Bobbies and Be...Executed!

So now we know how London police are going to respond to the recent bombings. They're going to execute their suspects--No trial, no warning.

First we learned on Friday that a man emerging from a house already under surveillance tried to escape trailing officers by bolting into the underground. We learned that when he stumbled onto a train the officers piled onto him, shot, and killed him. We know, from many eye witness accounts, that no warnings were shouted, no warning shots were fired, and that he was shot multiple times at point blank range. We know that the officer's behavior is in violation of their own policies, which specify:
Police rules require officers to give warning if they intend to open fire and to "ensure that their responses are proportionate and appropriate in the circumstances and consistent with the legitimate objective to be achieved." Officers are supposed to aim for immobilizing body-shots, but television reports said Friday that shoot-to-kill shots had been authorized to prevent suicide bombings.
So...taking that last sentence as their only possible justification, they must have assumed that this guy intended to bomb the underground while already being trailed? Oh sure. That fits the pattern we've seen so far.

Now finally, Scotland Yard has released a statement saying that the individual was not involved in Thursday's bombings. Got that? Not involved...but still DEAD! One can only imagine how this may play out in the US, where every officer is armed, when the bombings start here.

A bloody fucking tragedy.


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