Arnuhlt Lets the Bay Bridge Proceed

1989 - The Loma Prieta quake (7.1) - 6B dollars in damage; 66 dead, 3700+ injured; 1 Bay Area freeway collapses (the Nimitz in Oakland), two others (the Embarcadero and Southern I280 in SF) have to be demolished, and a section of the Bay Bridge collapses; The Bay Bridge is declared seismically unsound.

1994 - The Northridge quake (6.7) - 22B dollars in damage; Approx. 57 dead, 9000+ injured; 10 L.A. freeways are damaged and downtown L.A. is cut off from the remainder of the metropolitan area.

Late 1995 (2 years after Northridge) - L.A.'s freeways are completely repaired.

1997 (8 years after Loma Prieta) - S.F.'s three damaged freeways are either demolished or rebuilt.

2002 (13 years after Loma Prieta) - Construction is started on a new eastern span of the Bay Bridge

2004 (15 years after Loma Prieta) - Construction is halted while Governor Arnuhlt frets about cost overruns.

2005 (16 years after Loma Prieta) - Construction is restarted after balancing the overruns on the backs of the commuters. (Half of the overruns would not have happened if the The Governator hadn't stopped construction.)

2011 (22 years after Loma Prieta) - The new eastern span is completed...maybe.

When Northridge snapped the Santa Monica freeway in half, it was rebuilt in 84 days and L.A. commuters didn't pay a dime. 16 years after Loma Prieta, Bay Area commuters pay through the nose with higher bridge tolls, and still don't have a safe bridge.

Time to secede.


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