The Strib Gets It Right

5 years living in Minnesota may not have taught me much, but it did teach me two things. The first was that parking brakes really don't freeze in winter that often. The second was that the inhabitants of the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," are about as close as you can come to "salt-of-the-earth" people, and yesterday they proved it in the Strib (the Minneapolis Star-Tribune) once again.

In an Op-ed, the Strib (MSM for you wingnuts out there) finally came out and said what most of the rest of us on the left have known, thought, and said, for the last 2 years: The Bush administration is made up of liars; President Bush, himself, is a LIAR! The piece pointed out that, with the surfacing of the Downing Street Memo, there can be no more doubt that American, British, Iraqi, other... lives were given in support of a policy manufactured from whole cloth fabrications--that the fix was in, intelligence-wise.

Not like we needed to be told this, but it does give one pause to consider the gravity of the memo. I mean... How many lies does it take to get the Mainstream Media to wake up and stop licking the administration's boots?

Anyway, faint glimmer of hope. I wonder if taking a country to war using lies and deception constitutes "High crimes and misdemeanors"? Nah, probably not.


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