This is the End

After tonight Blognonymous will cease to exist, and Blognonymo.us will become just a 'read-only' archive of the posts from Blognonymous.

My blogging continues unabated at Ragebot. Come and find me there.

— Kvatch


Kvatch Returns

A new blog for a new year. Please stop by and catch me kvetching.

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New Year's Resolution...

...do not have unprotected intercourse with this man!

Roll of the incautious:
  • Spain's Conservatives - Gone April, 2004

  • Silvio Berlusconi (Italy) - Defeated June, 2005

  • Bush's Pooch, Tony Blair - Stepped aside, May 2007

  • Australias's Liberals - F*cked the big dog, Nov. 2007
    (John Howard, the PM, couldn't even hold his own seat)
And most tragically:
  • Former Pakistani PM, Benazir Bhutto - Assassinated, Dec. 2007
Apparently 'regime change' begins with Bush.

(Thanks to the New Yorker for the inspiration.)

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The Most Boring Election In San Francisco History...


What's Kvatch Kvetching About Today?

The complete disconnect between the price of crude and the price of gasoline. Check it out at Fran I Am.


Blognonymous - 100,000 Served

Yesterday at about 1:30p PDT, Blognonymous received its 100,000 visitor. Our anonymous reader from Hampshire in the United Kingdom surfed in from a Google search on "Uncle Fester", a fairly common traffic generator for this humble blog that typically points to this post.

So thank you readers, Google, and Uncle Fester. We couldn't have done it without you!


What do Fred Thompson and a bum have in common?


The Mile High Club Ain't What It Used To Be

Poverty Barn and Ice Station Tango have the goods on Singapore Airlines' sex ban. ;-)


'Jumbo Got Jets' @ Left in Aboite

My homage to the maiden commercial flight of the A380, rapped to the tune of Sir-mix-alot's Baby Got Back:

I like big jets and I can not lie
You other flyers can't deny...

...check out the rest at Left in Aboite!


Anybody Notice How Britney Spears...

...looks more and more like a favorite Adam's Family character?

Check it out at Instant Native.

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