Kvatch Kvetches: A Simpler America?

Robert of Crawford's Crier (an excellent little blog that you really should be reading if you aren't) recently bemoaned the 'Extinct America', an America of safe neighborhoods, moral decency, and trust in our government--an America we might remember from our youth or perhaps a vision we have from our parent's.

But I don't really lament that particular America. Sure more trust in the government would be nice, but I don't for a second believe that the America of...say...the 1800's was a place where I could trust the government. I don't really believe that 'Frontier America' was a safe place for kids. Perhaps that was a mid-20th century America. I don't know...

But you know what I do miss? A simpler America, and it makes me resentful. I resent an America of such dazzling complexity that few can comprehend it without a Ph.D. I resent a tax code so complex that I need a program to do the work for me. I resent shelling out $50 for the software and resent the fact that I'm probably still getting fleeced by the Feds.

I resent the f*ckin' 'Ownership Society'. I don't want to be in charge of my health care choices--my retirement plan's investments--my auto insurance, fire insurance, long-term disability, dental, flood, or any other stupid insurance. I resent the fact that, if I don't make investment banking my god-damned career, my own nest-egg will never grow. I resent the necessity of the two-income family. I resent all the demands on my time--having my leisure moments squeezed to the point where I can hardly find time to sleep.

But most of all, I resent the fact that I live with an ease that no generation in human history could conceive of, and yet I can't seem to stay on top of it's mind-boggling complexity. What kind of ungrateful frog am I?

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