Second Life Imitates Strife

OK...I admit that I'm not a Second Life devotee. I've got way too many things going on as it is to consider leading a whole 'nuther existence in the virtual world. But I have to say that I'm surprised that it took so long for the cyber-crime wave leaking out of Linden Labs to morph from misdemeanors to crimes against...uh...humanity (?).

Yes indeed, terrorists have discovered Second Life. "elite jihadists" are supposedly using the virtual world for recruiting and for dry runs of operations that might be a little hard to practice in real life. And this...on top of the home grown Second Life Liberation Army, a group that has left a trail of virtual dead, while busily blowing up cyber java-joints with logical nuclear weapons. But the burning question you have to ask is: Does your would be cyber martyr expect 70 virtual virgins to inhabit his electronic after-life?

Oh well..not to worry. All will be set right when the Society of Jesus enters Second Life to bring the Good News to Linden's Lab of iniquity. Wonder what you've got to do to get a virtual indulgence?

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