Global Climate Change and Weather Perfection

A couple of weekends ago, the Frogette and I did something that we may never have done in our ten years in San Francisco. We ate at a cafe...at 5:30 pm...OUTDOORS!

Now those of you not familiar with the weather here in Sodom by the Sea, we have three seasons that I refer to as Sun--Late September through early November, when the city warms up and clears up, what most people call 'Indian Summer' but which we just call 'summer' cause it's the only one we get. Rain--November through February (or May in an 'El Nino' year) when it does exactly that...rains...and Rains...and RAINS! And Fog--the rest of the year--when we're lucky to see the sun and wind lashes this god-forsaken rock above the Pacific as if we're being punished for our wicked ways.

But San Francisco does have one redeeming characteristic, climate-wise: The best brunch weather on the whole god-damned planet. From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm most days, anytime of year, the weather here is terrific. In fact, when friends ask what time of year they should visit our fair city, I answer simply..."Brunch".

This summer has been different, though. We're getting plenty of warm days--well warm for us, the rest of you would refer to it as FABULOUS--temperatures in the 70's, clear skies, and calm winds. In point of fact, this weather has been spooky, and I'm almost sure that it's due to global climate change. So my burning issue is this, the weather has been so nice that I'm thinking of buying a car just so I can add a few more tons of C02 to the atmosphere. Is that wrong?

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