Microsoft's Vista - OS or Peeping Tom?

There's a lot of news out of Redmond these days, and most of it is bad...for consumers that is.

It's An OS / It's An Ad-server / It's A Peeping Tom
Check out this patent application. Pretty much turns your operating system into a server of targeted ads. But that's not all. No sir-ee! The sources listed for making ad-serving decisions include: "...user document files, user email, user music files, podcast files, computer status messages, and a profile database storing existing tag data." It other words ALL YOUR PERSONAL FILES! Now that's innovation!

Try Then Buy Before Your Files Die
In order to increase uptake on Office 2007, Microsoft has put in place a "Try Before You Buy" program. The kicker for users is that "trying" Office 2007 will convert any files the program touches to Redmond's new document format, a process from which there is no return unless you get a compatibility pack that allows you to get access to your important documents.

Legal Discovery? Why It's Built In
I'll let this tidbit speak for itself:
Vista—Microsoft’s latest operating system—may prove to be most appropriately named, especially for those seeking evidence of how a computer was used.
Automatic backups, "shadow file copies", detailed system transaction records...a litigator's paradise!

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