NYC Police Told To Reveal All

These days Bu$hCo is proving itself to be an implacable enemy of transparent government. And consequently victories in the civil liberties arena are hard to come by, but not on Monday because Federal Judge James C. Francis IV slapped down New York City and it's overzealous police department by ordering the disclosure of the field intelligence reports and dossiers illegally compiled in order to stifle dissent at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

For those of you who haven't been following this case, the NYC Police have been arguing that their methods, tactics, personnel, and procedures need to remain secret to ensure that they're not "misinterpreted" by the public nor "sensationalized" by the media. Because, as we all know, the public tends to go overboard when faced with unjust arrest, protest zones, and indefinite detention without charges.

But NYC's argument was always a weak one, especially considering that an earlier ruling by Federal District Judge Charles Haight stated that the police must have, "...some indication of unlawful activity on the part of the individual or organization," before they can go out and monitor political groups or their activities.

So it's not exactly the broad-based ruling against Federal secrecy that one might prefer. But these days, with Congress doing their best imitation of Bush's dog Barney, we have to take the victories we can get.

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