Back In Business - 1and1 Is History

While Blogger deals (or doesn't) with what appears to be a bug in their software (they upload all labeled posts every time you publish, regardless of content), I took the step of switching Blognonymous from it's old host 1and1 Internet (you know...the ISP that f*cked Spocko) to a new provider, eApps Hosting. Not only is eApps oodles more reliable than 1and1, you should notice Blognonymous loading a bit faster.

eApps is also where I'm planning on hosting the website for the Frogette's new company and a little side-project that I've been working on myself. Stay tuned for those.

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A 7 Continent Day

That's kind of cool--hits from all 7 continents at once. Not sure that's ever happened before. Now if only I could have gotten Antarctica. Where's the Station Agent when you need him?

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