You have reached Blognonymous. I'm sorry, but no one is available to do any blogging right now.

We want you to know that your clicks are very important to us (even if you're from Faux News). So please leave your comment after the tone, and Kvatch will get back to you just as soon as possible.



Yes, this is Homeland Security. Report to our office at your earliest convenience.
Have a good vacation!
Hello, this is your local PEET's making a courtesy call to inform you your number was chosen at random from our list of happily caffeinated customers. We're happy to inform you you have been selected to receive a year's supply of PEET's coffee or tea. You must claim this prize in person before 5PM today. If you fail to do so, this prize will automatically be forfeited to the next customer on our list, a certain bay area senator who says she needs the caffeine to perfect her all-night iran plans. We're begging you, man, pleeeez claim your prize.
Hey Froggie!

Yea, that ex-pat here! W.T.F. Mate? We are partying like rock stars here in Vilnius and you are missing it dude! There are 6 ft. tall slavic girls everywhere and Sharunus just told me that... (what are you serious?!) Gotta go man, but hey, you don't know what you are missing bro!

Keep in touch!

-Američan z Vysočan
have an excellent time!
Hey Kvatch, this is Station Agent, I was just calling to see what you were up to. Nothing serious. Call me whenever. Peace! [click]
Blognonymous, you had better not be ignoring my comments! You'd better get back to us or else.... I dunno. Something bad, though!
hope your having a hopping good time
Vacation...what is that?

Have a good time. Stay safe and watch out for boiling water.

God Bless.

PS: This post is being monitored by the NSA so don't reply. AP
Hey, good news! Your loan has been approved and I can get you that great rate we talked about. Call me at 1-800-RIPOFFS-AREUS
hope you get a nice dark green "tan" while vacationing
I hate this. I got his stupid voice mail and I am just waiting for the tone so I can leave my damn message. I don't know why I am calling anyway, what a loser. Wait, is this recording.

Hey buddy. Hope everything is good. Forget that first part. I was talking about someone else.
fine, don't answer the phone, see if I care.
Don't mean to ruin the sweet afterglow of your vacation when you get back from whatever pond you hang out in, but belatedly continuing your Censorship post from below, ain't this a wee bit interesting.

Er, enjoy! :)
Holy crap! I heard the news that translucent frogs have been created by scientists, and now I come here to see what's up with Froggie... and he's nowhere to be found!
holy crap I also saw that the Frogs had invaded Utah, and well ,my first concern was well you know what they do to frogs in utah..okay you don;t want to know...hope all is well.and that your vacation is wonderful...take care..
I'm back from Spain... where the hell are you?

Hope it was fun wherever it was!
This is a courtesy notice to inform you that a NSL investigation has been conducted on your home and business addresses in your absence.

Please contact darklord@cheney.hell for the return of your computer. Please note that you are forbidden by law to disclose this disclosure.
Hope you're having a great vacation. :)

LMAO @ darklord@cheney.hell.

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