Two Sad Bits on a Sunday Night: Steve Fossett Missing

Steve Fossett--the millionaire adventurer, a man addicted to attempting the seemingly impossible, the imperturbable record breaker--has been missing since Labor Day when he took off in a single-engine plane from a remote Nevada airstrip Southeast of Reno, NV.

I recall vividly his successful 5th attempt to circumnavigate the globe in a balloon.



me2...I thought he was amazing...I still can not believe he would just ansih like this...are there any military bases near by ? could he hae been shot down? I mean there were no distress calls of anything? was he near area 51 my son asked....that gave me chills...

so sad...
I guess his money enabled him to undertake numbers of risky things but, without meaning any disrespect, what did he really do to make the world a better place?

E4E, I don't think anything more happened than some mechanical problem that brought his plane down. Unfortunately, given the size and barrenness of the area, we may never know what happened to Fossett.

Daniel... Interesting question. Actually I do think that he contributed something. He was an excellent example of perseverance and determination--also a poster boy for attempting extraordinary feats, all qualities that many of us could do better to try and emulate.

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