BlognonyBITS - Dan Rather, what are you thinking?

A $70M lawsuit? To rehabilitate your reputation?
The reputation that you yourself torpedoed?

Do you somehow think that a civil judgment
Will make people forget 20 years of boring?
That your hollow protestations will change
The fact that you were a corporate kiss-ass?

Is your sole desire for your waning years
To spend your time sitting in a sterile courtroom?

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Harsh words there for good old Dan. It's never too late to fight for your reputation if you seriously think you were wronged. If Dan really thinks they did him wrong, I say let him have at it!
I feel a little sorry for him, even if he does sort of look like a gargoyle when he smiles.
Strong words, but so very true. I am surprised that anyone would say just what you have said here. This is exactly why I love blog sites because at some point you find that person that says just what you have on your mind but do not really know how to put it out here.

Great and honest job here!
I say let him have at it!

Octavian... At the age of 75, to what end? The man should be playing with his grand-children.

Nvisiblewmn... I don't just feel a little sorry for him. I think he's pathetic. (See the above comment.)

Let's Talk... Many thanks. Sometimes it takes me a while to work up something worth saying on a subject.
I agree, Rather was not even a very good anchor and he was downright incoherent that last decade or so. He was a great reporter a long time ago. And you're right, from a personal standpoint, the guy should just forget about it and stop with the Don Quixote routine.

Still, the focal point of this case is the Bush National guard story. It's historically important that information be on the record whether or not the President of the United States was AWOL for possibly YEARS of military service.

If Rather can squeeze out the truth of that--and I don't know if this case is a likely vehicle for that or not--it may be worth it.
Great minds, Kvatch. Essentially, Rather's lawsuit is a confessinn thet he disgraced his profession and sold us out.
To grub for a buck
He's proved he'll abandon all
The man has no shame

Good call, Frog.

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