A Vote For Kvatch Is A Vote For...

...ah hell, I don't know. But after the disappointment of this year's Koufax Awards going nowhere, I've decided to stump for my nominations at Left of Centrist. You see Sandy Koufax may have been pulled from the field, but Robert Rouse has stepped in with nominations from his Blog World Report--which, by the way, I am thrilled to be included in whenever Robert finds something from Blognonymous that he feels is worthy.

So...VOTE FOR BLOGNONYMOUS! Nominated in these fine categories:

'Top Dog' Award
'Funny Bone' Award
'Hall of Fame' Award

...and I promise: Flies in every pot; The check's in the mail; I won't take any money from lobbyists that isn't thrown at me; George Bush will still suck ass as president even if I win!


You have my ringing endorsement and proxy to vote for you in each and every category.

I'm not going to vote on my own for your because I don't do that sign in stuff.

If you lose, please don't tell me it was by one vote, I'd be crushed.
I thought I would stop by and let you know that your blog was one of the featured spots on the very first BWR at my new place. Drop by any time!
You SHAMELESS hussy! ;)
Dave... Signup? What signup? I think I missed a memo.

Robert... Checked in and updating my links.

John... Shameless and greedy. At Robert's suggestion, I'm going for federal matching funds.
you got my vote
Congrats, Froggy.
How do I know that these elections aren't being carried out on Diebold machines and that my vote will actually be counted?

You're not caging are you froggy?
Our multicolored frog received my vote. Cheers.
Shameless and greedy. At Robert's suggestion, I'm going for federal matching funds.

Willard paid for his votes, so, ahem.
Gotta spend a little to make a little. :)
I kind of feel bad about that "KVATCH SUCKS" sign in my front yard now....
Thanks Robert and Nvisiblewmn, but...


That hurt. ;-)
PoliShifter... "...know that they aren't being carried out on Diebold"? Quite the contrary, I'm counting on Diebold, my friend. You vote from someone other than me, and not only will your vote be tossed, but a man in sunglasses will come to your house to bitch-slap you!

Worried... Many thanks.

Randal... No truer words.
Okay froggy. But I guess you don't know how much a vote costs here. The bill is in the mail.
[Karl Rove mode engaged]
Hey people! Have you heard that Kvatch is a closet Republican?

Ve turrn up der heat on der Kvatchenfroggen verry schlowlly, und den ve feast on frog legs!
[Karl Rove mode disengaged

Hi Froggy!! ;-)
I expect a cabinet level position for my support

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