The US Government - Friend of Phreakers, Hackers, Spammers, and Terrorists

It's pretty simple really:

If you force the telcos to build in complex technology that let's you selectively, and at will, intercept the communications of anyone you feel like, the phreakers will learn how to exploit it for themselves.

If you force ISPs and businesses to consolidate records of all transactions, all sites surfed, and all emails sent, hackers will break the databases, sell the information to spammers, and then...well...you ain't seen nothing yet phishing-wise.

If you build in all these centralized vulnerabilities and the hackers have learned how to exploit them, their methods will be available to terrorists, and you know what happens then?


it's all about the $$$$. sometimes i dream of being a cool hacker. never heard of this phreaker thing though... maybe i'll dream about that tonight.
and you know what happens then?

it's all about the $$$$.

Knowing these amoral crackpots, they'll toss money at them, terrorist background or not. If they have a useful skill, they won't care.
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Raffi... Phreakers are people who hack the telephone system. Pre-dating hackers they started out going after analog circuits.

Randal... Right you are. Centralized vulnerabilities are the surest way for some really bad attacks to be executed against our infrastructure.

Robert... I'm honored. I'll put up a post about the awards presently.
Centralized vulnerabilities. Hmm, isn't that why Adama didn't want the Galactica online? Heaven forbid that fact follow fiction.
Heaven forbid that fact follow fiction.

Ahh Deb, you know that I'm a huge BG fan. So, at the risk of being a whore for promoting my own content: Here's what Blognonymous had to say on the subject of Cylons and our infrastructure.
I remember that post. As much as I like BG, I think that B5 did a better job of chronicling how we got to where we are.

The really unfortunate thing is that there will be no revolution in the real world. At least not in my lifetime.
What then?

Having been a spy, phreaker, a hacker and a telco employee I don't even have to imagine.
The only element in the equation that actually worries me is the government - not the criminals or terrorists.
Deb...to be fair to BG, they haven't had nearly the number of episodes that B5 had by the time they finished up. Though the story arc has some general similarities--the enemy within being more dangerous than the enemy without.

1138... I don't know, profit is a powerful motive. Though, I guess it wouldn't really be fair to say that a lot of what Bus$Co does isn't to line t heir pockets.
a very good point indeed! anyway, from here on out I am thinking that everything I say/buy/blog/email or do is available for the government to peruse. Now do they really want billions and billions of records to comb thru looking for potential illegal/terrorist activity? Isn't that a lot of work in itself to undertake all in the name of security? I think they are biting off more than they can chew, at least at this juncture.
Liberality, though I agree in general that treating everything like it's available to the Feds is a good policy, I wouldn't put anything past them in how much data they are capable of combing through and what they might do with the data.

I worked for an FFRDC (Federal Funded Research and Development Corporation) back in the 90s and know from personal experience that they have some very, Very smart people working for them.

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