Tuesday Technology Tidbits - Beware Telcos Bearing Fiber

Beware Telcos Bearing Fiber...
Fiber's fast. Fiber's durable. Fiber is what makes extreme broadband possible, but if you're getting it installed by Verizon, make sure they don't rip out your copper, or you may be stuck.

...And Don't Suck Too Much From Cable's Teat
Because Comcast will cut you off...for 12 months! They may warn you, but they won't tell you how much is too much.

All Your Files Are Belong To Us
If a novel lawsuit against an Internet coupon stealer is successful, it may become illegal for you to remove files from your own computer.

The End of an Era
I started college programming on punch-cards (how old am I?). I finished using slick, new, networked Sun Workstations. Now Sun's changing their NASDAQ symbol from SUNW to JAVA. An era has ended.


Anyone following my files on my computer would fall over dead from boredom.

That bit with Comcast blew me away.
PoP... True, but the nugget of this issue is that a successful DMCA lawsuite of this type would allow malware companies to install bad stuff on your machine, and then sue you when you use a security tool to remove it.

TomCat... Pretty amazing isn't it. It's sort of like the TSA rules that they don't have to tell you exist even when you've violated them.
Man! I sure hope I don't cross the invisible finish line while I'm uploading files to the new site. It would be a shame if I HAD to get FiOS. :)
"programming on punch-cards"
I recall organizing inventory on punch cards. It was a nightmare as store staff were totally flummoxed with the concept and couldn't read the don't fold spike etc.
Robert... I had to stop using labels with Blognonymous because Blogger was uploading 3 MBytes of "label" posts on each update--morons at Blogger can't even fix a simple bug like that. The short of it is: Bandwidth problems are a bitch.

Cartledge... I wasn't sure anybody would even read that last entry. I've even programed on paper tape. (Teenager using some pretty esoteric diagnistic instruments and a local university.)
You're... 55.
I can't help but wonder what it's going to be like in twenty years.
Victor... "55"? Where'd you get that idea? Not the 'paper-tape' comment? The instruments that I programmed with paper-tape where old early 70's stuff, but I didn't get at them until about 1980. I'm 43, BTW. Started college in 1982.

Chuck... Fully wireless on decentralized 'point-to-point' networks built mostly to avoid government regulation and broadband strangulation by the telcos.
I'm 43 Jeez, won't even tell you when I was told I wasn't suitable for programing because I couldn't follow the 'road signs' test of the punch card days. ;)
I used to have them, and was happy with their service, except that the price kept Bushing skyward. When I signed up, "unlimited" was in the wording.
Cartledge... Were the words Univac or Eniac popular at the time? ;-)

TomCat... You mean Comcast right? Personally I won't use anything but DLS, don't like sharing my bandwidth with anyone, and I dumped Comcast (the cable) when I figured out that having a Netflix subscription and watching all my shows on DVD was more cost effective.

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