A Tissue of Lies

Dear BlognonyFRIENDS,

It's come to my attention that members of the Swiftboat Bloggers for Bunk are spreading lies and disinformation about my Blog World Report campaign, but I'm here to set the record straight.

Those of you who know me, know that I am on the side of the common man. Sure...as an amphibian, I may have a brain the size of a grain of rice, but all of it's cells are devoted day and night to bringing Bu$hCo and it's evil minions low. TomCat and the Invisiblewmn are engaged in a "Rovian" plot to smear my good name, but I know that you, my loyal readers, won't let that happen.

(I'm Kvatch Kopf, and I endorse this message.)


Not being naturally of a competitive bent (unless I'm competing of course) I find this outburst of froggy paranoia quite unsettling.
Personally I've always craved the opportunity to pin a medal on an amphibian chest equivalent.
Your cool with me-dont care what they say.
I am already devising a de-lish anti-squish plan..

oh..so ev-iill...

Yes, I'm drinkin.

I'm TELLLING you Im not goooin...
froggy paranoia

Damn! And I was going for a pompous! ;-) Oh well, as long as it gets the sympathy vote.

Robert... Thanks. The contest between Blognonymous and Politics Plus is a close one.

Crackpot! Long time no hear. Hey...vote Kvatch! It's the American thing to do.
On a work break...bring on the blogging...
Kvatch's new campaign manager is KARL ROVE!
Hey Nwmn, had you heard that it was Froggie who knocked up Jenna Bush?
Nvisiblewmn, TomCat... I have it on good authority that it was Karl Rove who knocked Jenna up, and then forced his staffer to 'make an honest woman of her'. :-)
Just send the trolls to me, Kvatch!

Anyone who picks on frogs needs urgent, in-depth re-education - with a baseball bat!
It do!
Hey Iwmn, did you hear that a certain frog had a secret mens-room rendezvous with Larry Craig? ;-)
Daniel... Couldn't agree more!

ProgressiveT... ???

...a certain frog had a secret mens-room rendezvous with Larry Craig?

TomCat... Now yer jest gettin' nasty.

Though it doesn't make any sense, really. No need to be gay? Some of us frogs are hermaphrodites.
Hey folks, did you hear that a ceertain frog took Miss Piggy from Kermit? ;-)

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