Second Life Imitates Strife

OK...I admit that I'm not a Second Life devotee. I've got way too many things going on as it is to consider leading a whole 'nuther existence in the virtual world. But I have to say that I'm surprised that it took so long for the cyber-crime wave leaking out of Linden Labs to morph from misdemeanors to crimes against...uh...humanity (?).

Yes indeed, terrorists have discovered Second Life. "elite jihadists" are supposedly using the virtual world for recruiting and for dry runs of operations that might be a little hard to practice in real life. And this...on top of the home grown Second Life Liberation Army, a group that has left a trail of virtual dead, while busily blowing up cyber java-joints with logical nuclear weapons. But the burning question you have to ask is: Does your would be cyber martyr expect 70 virtual virgins to inhabit his electronic after-life?

Oh well..not to worry. All will be set right when the Society of Jesus enters Second Life to bring the Good News to Linden's Lab of iniquity. Wonder what you've got to do to get a virtual indulgence?

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Hello, Kvatch.
And I must say... Goodness!

It's bad enough that terrists are over-running the joint, much less having to worry about a Left Behinder scare.

But I can't help but wonder...
Will the Rapture come first to Second Life?
That thing about the last being first, ya know....
Wait until those terrorists discover the yard sales and $1 shops and the freebies in SL. They'll be hooked and we probably won't hear from them again.
I am sharing part of my current existence with a devotee of this ‘second life’. A fairly drug f***ked brain is no doubt keen to find at least one life, I guess.
But terrorism? As far as I can work out he spends his second life trying to make a virtual fortune, or alternatively finding other devotees of the space elevator.
No, we in Australia don’t leave terrorism to the simple minded. Those activities seem to be more the purview of those who don’t need a second life; our politicians and business leaders.
My first life is keeping me pretty tied up right now. I want the rapture to hurry up and happen. There are a few people that I'll not miss as they float away.
Will the Rapture come first to Second Life?

ProgressiveT...and if it did what would we call it? "Third Life"?

Nvisiblewmn... I was hoping you'd chime in. Seen any t'rrerists? Evil doers stalking your avatar?
We in Australia don’t leave terrorism to the simple minded

Cartledge... In the US, it's our leaders that are simple-minded. I'm expecting 'Surge into Second Life' at any moment.

PoP... Taking a cue from 'The Matrix': If your avatar experiences the rapture in Second Life do you disappear in the real world?
All I can say is those Catholics have all the fun. First exorcisms and now virtual salvation. When Lord will you toss the protestants some crumbs!?!

And being new to post here, you should all know I'm deeply disappointed that I wasn't raptured on my birthday, 07/07/07. Disillusioned even. But just maybe...if I had an avatar...there might be hope for me yet.
Does this mean I could have someone knocking on my virtual reality door asking me if my virtual soul has been washed in the virtual blood of the virtual lamb? I just don't see how I ever got through a day without that experience.
I'm hardly ever on there now that the novelty has worn off. But, hey, I did find Welfare Island where you could stand in a welfare line for money or dance on top of a trailer. Also, there were Uncle Sams going around giving away free stuff. Was really strange, like a weird dream.... I think my avatar is stuck there, too.
Revphat... The "Cyber-rapture"! You said it, all the fun! ;-) Hey about the birthday, 07/07/07 is that fortuitous or what?

SadButTrue... Me neither, but would that mean that the "Good News" is only virtual and really not that good at all?

Nvisiblewmn... So, if you abandon your avatar, can someone take it over they way it sometimes happens with blogs? Could you reenter Second Life only to find that you've got a permanent bad-hair day from someone with terrible taste?
If you're not there, it's not there, Kvatch. But I couldn't leave Welfare Island while I was there. And my avatar already has a permanent bad-hair day from someone with terrible taste. But I like that green hair.
A virtual Jesusistan rises in tandem with the real one Chimpy and his Dominionists seek to impose on America.

Ain't that something.
Nvisiblewmn... That's a bummer--sort of a 'welfare prison', huh?

Jollyroger... Maybe the founder of Domino's (Monaghan?) could build his true Ave Maria in Second Life, exclude all those undesirables!

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