RIP, Peacechick Mary and Knock Knock

6 March 2006 - 20 August 2007

Wherever you've gone and whatever you're doing. I wish you well.
Thanks for helping us fight the good fight.


The chick will definitely be missed. I hope she still drops by your blog to comment!
She put a post up saying she was leaving the blog world. We had thought that she would leave the blog up but it looks like she's doing a clean break.

She had said things were going on in her life and she needed to get away from what I understood. If I'm incorrectly stating what I thought she said, maybe someone who left her a responce will see this and comment on how they understood her goodbye post.

I wish her the best and hope that one day she will stop by and let us all know how she's doing.

Bluegrrrrl and Diva Jood have also left and their last posts are still up.

Take care....

God Bless.
Fashiongirl... Me too, but I didn't look like it from her last post.

AnonP... Agreed. It did look like she was making the break permanent, but I still hoped she'd leave the blog up.

Knew about Diva, but not about Bluegrrrl.
They will all be missed so much. Hope you are well and Godspeed in your journeys.
It's a huge commitment to own a blog and plus blogging on your buddies blogs too! Especially for those who have done it for a long time!

Take care Mary, Diva and Bluegrrrl
Hey, Kvatch, I think there's more to this than meets the eye.

Is the FBI/CIA removing bloggers one by one, taking them to re-education camps, then giving them the Abu Graib 'treatment'?

Lock your doors, Folks. The Four Horsemen maybe riding.
I agree wholeheartedly that a blog is like a relationship: You have to devote plenty to it to keep it going. And sometimes we simply cannot give the blog what it needs to go on.
But... I must confess that I do wonder if Daniel is onto something here... Should we all strap on our tinfoil hats and shiver in the corner???
Robert, Suzie-Q... Well said.

Here's to hoping that we can all fill in with as much wit and wisdom as Mary, Diva, and Bluegrrrl.
Daniel, Tina... Jeez I hope not.

I tend to think that the noise we make is only a small ripple in the pond of dissent. Greenwald, Kos...these are bloggers that warrant some attention. But I suppose that one never knows.
I'm not sure which is sadder, seeing a page hijacked like I've seen happen far too often recently or having it go dark like this. Either way, it's akin to the sense of loss you feel when someone passes away. A unique, compassionate voice that will be missed.
JM... At least as of this evening, Peacechick's site has not been "hijacked", but I doubt that will last, and since she seems to have deleted her blog, I think that any hope that she'll return is nil.
I just noticed today that she even deleted her blog.

God Speed Peace Chick where ever life takes you.
John, Kvatch, all - I JUST grabbed Mary's address five minutes ago. That way it will not become a "hijacked site". Least I could do for her, and it's there if she ever makes it back.
PoliShifter... She announced her exit on Monday last week, and then I think the blog disappeared on Thursday.

John! You are a man among men. Way to go! Hey...do you think it would be too much to do a sort of memorial post for Mary? Perhaps something where we'd each sign our names (virtually with URL's or something)? Just thinking out loud.
Kvatch - that sounds like an AWESOME idea! We'll work out the details on the flip side - Good night from the heartland. . .=)

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