Miss South Carolina - Our Next Attorney General

Could she be more perfect? Though, if not for Attorney General,
I hear we need a new White House Press Secretary.

(HT to The Gin and Tonic Lounge for the inspiration.)


I think she's a FemBot who blew a fuse.
I'd love to see her Senate confirmation hearings.
The irony of the question and her answer is priceless
Fashiongirl... Do you think that here head exploded? Maybe YouTube cut it off as a matter of good taste.


Senator: "Ms. SC, would you consider yourself to impartial steward of the Justice Dept. or a member of President Bush's staff?"

Miss SC: "Whose 'President Bush'?"

PoP...and sad.
wow, makes me proud
Ehhhh... she's just a kid. I heard this morning she joined entered the pageant to work on her public speaking skills. I blame the school system and materialism-obsessed media.
That actually caused me pain to watch. I felt so bad for her.
John Q... I guess now we know why kids can't find the US on a map. It's not they can't find it. They can't articulate what they found.

Mr_Blog... "Work on her public speaking skills"?! [ACKKKK!] [COUGH!] Wonderful job they're doing.

Praguetwin... Me too, but as painful as it was for you to watch, imagine how painful it is for her--assuming, of course, she's sentient and able to feel--not proven, I think.
Well, I guess she asked for it by entering a beauty con- uh, scholarship pageant, but I wish the media would cut her some slack. She's 18. It's not like she lied us into a war.
Like...that was like... totally... like...I mean Iraq. Exactly like it. A quagmire. Like for sure.
That's The Iraq, Mr.! {-;

Sadness, true and through.

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