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Gonna be a busy day at the Blognonypad. So until this afternoon, let me just leave you with a thought:

Why is everybody getting all freaked out about Rupert Murdoch's takeover of Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal? As I see it, a right-wing, shamelessly partisan rag with a political ax to grind is getting taken over by a rich, right-wing, shamelessly partisan, meddling, media oligarch? So how exactly are things gonna change at Dow Jones? Looks like 'business as usual' to me.

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I am not losing sleep over it myself..but Rupert is hoping he just earned some street cred by buying the WSJ.

Nope. ain't gonna happen Rupie..your a shill for the neocons and the PNAC crowd no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig.
Froggie, although their editorial policy has always equated the views of Attila the Hun, they used to be a reliable source of business news. Under Murdoch, that credibility is gone. There is no lie he will not disseminate to further his agenda.
Dusty... He can't do anything that concerns me. Gonna just make the WSJ more partisan. Gee...that's a shame!

TomCat... But even old reporters from the WSJ claim that it's not the paper it once was. I guess after Rupert takes over, page six will be devoted to pictures of scantily clad hedge fund CEOs.
good point kvatch....Mrudoch is much like a personal propagandist in the pocket for the W, Rove and Co anyway...so, why not cement the deal?
Listen, the rumour that Murdoch was Made in Australia is false! We couldn't own to having anything to do with such a monstrosity, such an icon of greed. No, he wasn't. Definitely. Never heard of him! It wasn't us!

All right, it was. But you made Bush!
Hello, Kvatch.
In answer to your question--
It is consider rather ordinary when the a$$hole emits a certain amount of Sh*t.

However, when the Sh*t is sucked back up into the A$$hole, that is news.
It's a big deal to me because the more Murdoch owns, the more dangerous he becomes.
WS... Granny has a point in that more consolidation is bad. He can cement his more extreme views, but on the other hand...how much longer can he last?

Daniel... Oh no! You're not putting blame for that Bush guy on us! He's a space alien. I'm convinced.
ProgressiveT... Yow, that sounds painful. Do you think that's why Murdoch always looks so dour?

Grammy... See above. You've definitely have a point there.
I freak out about this for the reason Granny mentioned. It just allows more and more medial power to be concentrated in the hands of fewer people, and when one of those people is someone like Rupert Murdoch, you have to wonder how soon someone like Roger Ailes will be scripting phrases for the WSJ writers to include in their articles. Sure, this has probably been happening to WSJ writers anyway, but I think WSJ will morph into something very FOXlike over the next few years, what with the new FOX "Business" channel in the works. They will give America "the business", all right.

How soon before Rupert buys USA Today? He already owns the Washington Times, right? Oh, wait! That's Sun Myung Moon.
Although the WSJ clearly has an agenda, they are pretty fair in their analysis. It is a decent paper, you just have to remind yourself what you are reading.

I expect that the legitimacy that it has will soon be lost.

And, I agree with Granny and Snave.
Snave, Praguetwin... OK, granted that media consolidation is a bad thing...I have to believe that this will just hasten everyone's rush to new media and alternate news sources. I mean the quality and believability of the MSM is now so tainted anyway, I doubt that any of us gets our news from "traditional" sources. A Murdoch takeover of the WSJ is just fuel to that fire.
Haw! Right on dude!

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