Kvatch's Kocktail Hour - Rove on the Rocks

It's Friday and time once again for Kvatch's Kocktail Hour. This afternoon we honor the great man, Karl Rove, with a drink befitting his stature and legacy:

Rove on the Rocks

- Southern Comfort Bourbon over ice
- A dash of 10W-30

As slippery and the man himself.

Check out The Enduring Majority at The Unruly Mob and Machiavelli's Mojito at If I Ran The Zoo.


I might add a dash of prune juice to ensure that the crap washes through the intestines with out a trace....just like Rove's fingerprints on the political shenanigans he's pulled off.
I do believe that adding a splash of Grand Marnier for a hint of orange, would then make this cocktail a "Turd Blossm Special."
Windspike... It's a great idea, but I already used something similar when I created The Guantanamovement. ;-)

UnconventionalC... I do believe you're right!
I am seriously thinking about becoming teetotal. Nah, forget that. I'll just avoid anything that isn't pure alcohol.
Glad to see Rove go and take that damned Tony Snow with you!
Cartledge... A teetotaler? With all the shenanigans in the run up to the Australian election, I'd expect a drive toward alcoholism. ;-)

Graeme... Thanks.

Lew... If Snow resigns, I'll do cocktails in his honor for sure!
The Rove on the Rocks Cocktail

Add a tablespoon of Viagra. It'll provide a nice blue hue and perhaps Rove will be 'straight' for once.

The "Genius" of Rove - A Dilemma for Republican Parents?
Whatever do arch Republicans teach their children if they equate a modality of choreographed synchronistic lying as genius.
If they so exalt lock-step power point lying as a preferred methodology to win and keep personal power, to what end would they teach their children that lying in pursuit of gain is inappropriate behavior?
...and add a touch of Rohypnol, so the country doesn't realize what he's done, until it's too late.
Cognitorex... LOL! Rove did say that he wanted to spend more time with his family. Maybe the wife gave him an ultimatum.

Lizzy... OK, I had to look up "Rohypnol", since I've heard it referred to as kind of "roofie" or as
"Flunitrazepam". Good one! Maybe that's what Congress was administered prior to the Patriot Act vote.
And, so, Kermie, what kind of appetizers are you serving with that Turd Blossom Special? hehe

Cheers! ;)
And, so, Kermie, what kind of appetizers are you serving with that Turd Blossom Special?

A heapin' helpin' of Snow! ;-)
I would drink to that, but...

What Cognitorex wrote; to sadly too far. {sigh}

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