Kvatch's Kocktail Hour - The Executive Privilege

It's Friday and time once again for Kvatch's Kocktail Hour. Since the last time we lifted our glasses Bush has invoked executive privilege more often than Paris Hilton has flashed her naughty bits. So this afternoon I give you...

The Executive Privilege

- 5 parts Cristal champagne
- 1 part Budweiser
- Stir then garnish with pretzel nuggets

A rare, yet tacky drink that you hope the Decider chokes on.

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I love it...but wouldn't drink it, myself.
Kvatch do you serve it with cheese doodles?
WS... Neither would I, but hey The Decider could use a stiff one, I think.

Fashiongirl... Cheese doodles? Cheese doodles! Eeeeewwwww! And anyway they're too flimsy for the purpose we've got in mind.
Hello, Kvatch.
Ordinarily, I would consider it poor form to wish choking upon an eater of pretzels, that most benign ambrosia, food of the gods (served on Mt Olympus since 643 BC).

And yet, in this particular circumstance, I find it most difficult not to await a rather animated bout of choking with great anticipation.

Cue Carly Simon.
My BFF's boyfriend tends bar on the weekends for quick extra cash (... he's hoping to present her with a stellar engagement ring this Christmas) so Hubby and I popped in after going to see SiCKO to say hello and drop some good tips for him to contribute to that diamond fund.
After a few Amaretto Sours, BFF's boyfriend and I were trying to come up with "new" drinks for famous folks. Here's our favs:
The "Paris Hilton Cosmopolitan": vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice, garnished with Valtrex to stop those frequent herpes breakouts.
The "Britney Spears Mojito": Thunderbird in place of rum, tap water from a Burger King bathroom in place of soda water, Mrs. Butterworth's pancake syrup in place of sugar, a dirty breathmint found at the bottom of her purse in place of mint sprigs, all shaken well in a dirty baby bottle taken from one of her kids.
Now, the Executive Privlege will be promptly added to our list.
ProgressiveT... I was trying to decide if I should 'soften' it a bit or not, and I find that I just don't care anymore.

Tina... Glad I could be of assistance. ;-) Though I definitely like the Britney Spears Mojito. That's a gem!
I should be collecting drinks recipes for the decider's visit downunder.
On second thoughts, I expect I would quickly fall foul of the the draconian security laws covering that visit.
I love it! I think we should send the recipe to the RNC. They can drink it at their next gathering.
Kvatch this is priceless...wonderful ( although Tina;s Brittany drink is pretty fine)....maybe I should ask can you serve with Koolaid ? .....( and I see someone likes Cheese Doodles...they go great with Dirty Martinis...)

Great work...I hope you have a Gonzo drink?
Shouldn't that be "Kristol" champagne? 8-)>
Cartledge... I suspect that Bush will probably have a taster with him. After all he's gonna travel in a 'Cone of Silence'.

Peacechick... I'm all over it. Got the address of the RNC? ;-)
E4E... I'll try to come up with a Koolaid drink for the next happy hour, but "Cheese Doodles with a Dirty Martini," not in this pad! ;-)

Snave... Heh, heh, heh! :-)
Hell of a way to dirty up a perfectly good martini glass.
Hell of a way to dirty up a perfectly good martini glass.

But my dear Patricia, if we could get some of that apocryphal nugget action, wouldn't it be worth it?

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