Good News, Bad News - US Troops Not Gonna Get 'Left Behind'

The Good News: US troops in Iraq won't be receiving copies of Left Behind: Eternal Forces in care packages.

The Bad News: The Pentagon giving a group that specializes in proselytizing to soldiers and that refers to their activities in Iraq as a "Crusade" access to our military forces.


Evangelicalism. Where it's always 1095!
I'm glad to hear that The DOD responded to the public outcry about OSU's plan to send Left Behind to our troops, but the very position that OSU occupies within the DOD violates the Establishment clause.
you mean, this isn't about wmd's?
Apparently, the forces of heaven are encouraging this.
Randal... But since we're talking about the Rapture here, wouldn't 1000 be more appropriate?

TomCat... Yeah, I'm surprised that the DoD was able to essentially 'get into bed' with OSU without out a big outcry.
RAFFI... "WMD"? Sure. "Wargaming of Mass Deception".

Nvisiblewmn... Well set of forces that's for sure, but I'm not sure I'd say the forces of heaven.
It's always been in part, a religious war between Islam and Christianity.

That's what the Bushies tell the fundies with a wink and a nod and at private dinners and speeches. The Bushies need the support of the fundies and the fundies don't care so much for oil and global domination as the Bushies do. But they do care about spreading Christianity and killing the Muslims as well as facilitating the second coming of Christ.

Corner any fundy Christian and they will when pressed confess that they think Islam is a religion of the devil and that the Muslims are going to hell.

After all, the ONLY way to heaven is through Jesus according to the Fundies.

I think on some levels the Military encourages the fundies to propagandize the soldiers...whatever will keep them fighting, killing, and being killed. Be it a $40,000 signing bonus, be it for God, be it for Bush, or be it for their buddies...what ever will keep them picking up those M-16's and cruising in the Humvees down IED laden streets is Jake with the military brass.
Thank goodness I pay taxes so mentally deranged people can use the money to fund their fight with other mentally deranged people over whose God has the larger johnson!
I all ways say, you cannot get the Military to police themselves, when it comes to religion.
....whatever will keep them fighting, killing, and being killed.

PoliShifter... But doesn't that require that the military give in to the same type of moral flexibility that the fundies engage in when they wholesale ignore large parts of the New Testament in order to support their ideology? The military is not given to adopting philosophies that muddy up the situation. Of course, if you've got a majority of the leaders on board...
Lew... God has a johnson? ;-) News to me.

Let's Talk... I don't think the military can function as a quasi-religious organization. When it does, there's too much temptation to ignore "real" situation in favor of some faux-moral mission that has little or nothing to do with the practical reasons for an engagement.
But since we're talking about the Rapture here, wouldn't 1000 be more appropriate?

Well, I was thinking along the lines of "crusade," since that's what they're jonesing for, but dates, like facts, are flexible to them, so 1000 sounds just fine, too. :)

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