Global Climate Change and Weather Perfection

A couple of weekends ago, the Frogette and I did something that we may never have done in our ten years in San Francisco. We ate at a cafe...at 5:30 pm...OUTDOORS!

Now those of you not familiar with the weather here in Sodom by the Sea, we have three seasons that I refer to as Sun--Late September through early November, when the city warms up and clears up, what most people call 'Indian Summer' but which we just call 'summer' cause it's the only one we get. Rain--November through February (or May in an 'El Nino' year) when it does exactly that...rains...and Rains...and RAINS! And Fog--the rest of the year--when we're lucky to see the sun and wind lashes this god-forsaken rock above the Pacific as if we're being punished for our wicked ways.

But San Francisco does have one redeeming characteristic, climate-wise: The best brunch weather on the whole god-damned planet. From 10:00 am to 1:00 pm most days, anytime of year, the weather here is terrific. In fact, when friends ask what time of year they should visit our fair city, I answer simply..."Brunch".

This summer has been different, though. We're getting plenty of warm days--well warm for us, the rest of you would refer to it as FABULOUS--temperatures in the 70's, clear skies, and calm winds. In point of fact, this weather has been spooky, and I'm almost sure that it's due to global climate change. So my burning issue is this, the weather has been so nice that I'm thinking of buying a car just so I can add a few more tons of C02 to the atmosphere. Is that wrong?

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You are joking, right?

I remember downright hot days in S.F. this time of year from when I was a child. It is just luck of the draw. This is a good year.
You could just eat more cheeseburgers. Raising cattle does a lot for global warming and best of all...you get fries with that!
Yep...Like fashiongirl said. All the Freedom Fries you want.

God Bless.
Really, go for the beef. A car will just drive you crazy. Where will you park it?
Praguetwin... Maybe it's cyclic, but this pattern has held for the whole decade I've lived here. Though I have to say that a warm (for us that means 80 degrees) summer day is pretty nice, when you're used to foggy and 60.

Fashiongirl... I like beef. I really do, but I don't think I could eat enough beef to keep San Francisco warm. ;-)
AnonP... I know of thing called "french fries". Never heard of a thing called Freedom Fries. :-)

Libby! Long time no hear, and you're certainly right. Parking's a bitch. When I first moved to San Francisco, the main reason I gave up my car was because I lost the garage space that I was renting.
froggy, why not buy a couple of cows? You could produce C02 and get free milk ass well.
Mind you, over here in the glorious sub-tropical south pacific I would be happier with a stable climate.
It's cooler here where it shouldn't be this time of year. Maybe September will come with a hot bang and surprise us all. Hope not though.
You missed the whole "freedom fries" kerfluffle?

I remember warm weather in the city too but not this early in the year I don't think.

It's been a while so I could be wrong.
Sometimes I'm not sure when you're kidding so here is a link to "freedom fries".

There are others. Restaurants and Congress chimed in too.
Cartledge... Not sure that I really want "free milk ass". But thanks for the suggestion. ;-)

Sumo, my guess (and I'll have to ask Granny 'bout this) is that the reason our weather has be so nice is that California's Central Valley is not as hot as it usually is. The hot weather to the West is what brings the fog in here.

Granny... I was kidding. :-) Thought the whole "freedom fries" thing was ridiculous. BTW (re: weather) how are things where you are? Cooler?
Did you have Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat?
It's your patriotic duty to buy a car and lots of gas so you can do your part to boost the economy.
Did you have Rice-A-Roni, the San Francisco Treat?

Nope...'Margherita Pizza' the other San Francisco treat.

PT... Well you know that I take my patriotic duties very, very seriously. I'm headed out for an Escalade right now.
Yeah, on the other hand, those 80 degree days sure do stand out. I remember one from when I was about 10 like it was yesterday.

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