Finally! The Eternal Question Answered...

What would Jesus do?

You can all thank Mama Kvatch for this one.

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That is one great (and possibly true) picture.

I made myself laugh imagining something like a "Whack-a-Mole" scenario where Bush and other neocons and theocons pop their heads up out of holes at random, and Christ whacks as many of them as he can, which, since he is omnipotent, will probably be all of them.
Funny pic. ;)
Suzie-Q, Snave... Yup! Really enjoyed that one. I was able to trace the source of the original, but couldn't find any references to the doctored GIF. Don't have any idea where it came from other than the email trail to me Mum.
I saw a Jesus-like "vision" in a carrier bag the other day... concencus of opinion was that it was a message of encouragement.

The image basically appeared in the mishmash pattern of light reflecting on the crinkles. And the image smiled at me. But then it went away again. I posted about it on my blog... who knows what it means??
I think the Christians who ranted and raved about others being unchristian if they didn't vote for Bush are starting to realize they made a big, big mistake. They deserve a smack in the head as well.
Yes, very fitting picture. The Lord slaps the Decider just before sending him to his permanent residence in Hell.

God Bless.
Go, Jesus!

That is great!

Thing of it is, is, I'm bettin' Georgie likes it...
I'm thinking I have a little gif alteration to do here ;) I'm sure your Jesus would be equally dismayed by John Howard.
Gledwood... You should have grabbed the bag and sold it on eBay!

Peacechick... But wouldn't that be sort of distracting for museums and such? People walk by a painting and...THWACK!

AnonP... Sort of a knocking him upside the head moment? "Come 'ere George...[THWACK]!"
Nvisiblewmn... "Who would Jesus smack?" :-)

Michaelbains... Glad you enjoyed it, but I can't imagine George is happy about it. Might knock some sense into him, and then were would we be?

Cartledge... You go! I'll expect to see Howard getting smacked any day now.
A smack for George and a smiting for Dick? That might help.
Kvatch, your mama has class! That's hilarious.
smack down! i'd like to see the two in the ring.
Zenyenta... Ohhhh! What kind of smiting could we expect? ;-)

Diva... Mom forwarded this to me from a friend of hers. I tried to track down the source but came up against a dead end.
Wonderful GIF! I'm thinking sidebar material.
RAFFI... Or a cage match!

SadButTrue... Please feel free. I'm sure my Mom (and the fried who originally forwarded the GIF) won't mind. ;-)
I emailed the link to a local friend. She hadn't seen it before and is emailing it to everyone she knows including, she said, a couple of Republicans.

Just warning you.
Jesus needs to get on the ball!
Just warning you.

Let 'em come Granny. Blognonymous can take it!

Jesus needs to get on the ball!

Mary... ??? More smiting to do? What?
Now, is that what they call a "God Smack?"
WWJD? Jesus would have blind devotion to the president of the United States (it even says so in the Bible) and his Crusades against evil Moslems. And that picture is sacreligious: the Son of God should be smiting a homasexial and not the Leader of the Free World.
WS... I have this image of God grabbing Bush by the ear, "George, git over here. Let's talk."

Tom... Right you are! Got to keep them uppity l'bruls in line.
I am pretty sure that if Jesus saw the way his words were being distorted by many of his "followers" today, he would have gotten off the cross
ROTFLMAO!! Just like overturning the hypocrites tables in the temple.
Jesus never did like those rich hypocrites!
Scott... I suspect you're right.

TomCat... Glad you enjoyed it.

Liberality... Probably not the dumb ones either.
I love it! If only...
Thanks, Froggy Mommy! =)
Hello, Kvatch.
Now, that one made me giggle.
And then again, when I scrolled back up the page.
Thanks for the laugh.

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