The Coke Sub - Can you tell the difference?

Do you know what this is? A fast attack sub? A "boomer"? Nope. It's the Coke Sub. Seized off the coast of Guatemala by US Customs officials, this little baby was packed to the rafters with illegal substances and bad men. Now I know you think it looks sort of like a Los Angeles class attack sub (depicted below), but there are some key differences:

The attack sub is stuffed with seamen.
What do you suppose the 'Coke Sub' is stuffed with?

The attack sub strikes fear into the hearts of our enemies.
The 'Coke Sub' strikes fear into the hearts of our leaders.

An attack sub has lots of tanks to blow.
The 'Coke Sub' has lots of blow in its tanks.

On an attack sub, the sailors drink a lot of coke.
On the 'Coke Sub', the bad guys snort a lot of...well...you know.

The attack sub costs $1.4B not including its weapons.
The cocaine costs $354M not including the sub.


5.5 tons of the stuff? Man, Bush is gonna need another vacation to go through all that!
the only fear our leaders may have is where else they can go to get a supply
Randal... 5.5 tons is an impressive number, but I suppose the value impressed me more. I mean that's one 1/4 the cost of the attack sub, in adjusted dollars!

Raffi... I sure where is one sub that got caught, there are probably a dozen that made it through.
Oh, they all look alike to me.
Silly me. I thought you were talking about a new packaging for that ubiquitous soft drink. I'm not sure I'd like to go around snorting the contents of subs.
Oh, they all look alike to me.

Nvisiblewmn... Long, skinny, rusty, expensive. :-)

I'm not sure I'd like to go around snorting the contents of subs.

Cartledge... Man is that ever true! Even the notion that one's controlled substance of choice traveled by submarine is a little nauseating. But what other methods would be better?
I swiftboated you.
Perhaps if our war on drugs didn't make COKE so profitable, the drugs lords wouldn't be able to afford submarines haha.
I swiftboated you.

Oh! Nvisiblewmn...I'm hurt. I'm gonna have to talk to my managers, get the war room cranked up and respond to this slight! ;-)

Octavian... Though, considering how profitable it is, you'd think they could afford a better sub, like that fast attack boat.
Aah, so that's where Dubya keeps his stash...
I wonder how much disappears when they dock.

Oliver North would use that to finance another arms shipment to the Middle East like he did in Iran Contra.

God Bless.
so where is the one with the Hookers and Jim Beam....?

( Blogger and You Tube are both soooooo slow tonight...not good)
i think blogger n teh Tube r slow cuz the Heroin v Afghanistan IS getting thru.

(sorry so sloppy. gots a bum right-wing in a sling n am typin xclusively v teh Left 4 a while.)

nice comparison, frogmigo!
This comment is rated "R" for Really Messed Up.

Did you hear about the gay whale that bit the end off a submarine and sucked out all the seamen?
Comandante... They'll probably sail it right up the Chesapeake. :-)

AnonP... Iran Contra! Now there's a scandal I haven't heard mentioned in a while. Wasn't Cheney involved in that as well?

Enigma... That sub's coming from cuba and is headed for Florida. Jeb needs to drown his sorrows at not running for president this time around.
Michael... What happened to the arm? You weren't secretly part of the Customs raid were you? ;-)

Robert... That's just nasty!
just posted on it. softball related, eh.

loved Robert's nasty! lol!
Best. Post. Ever.
I love thinking outside the box
Well you know it is Fashion Week here in SF. What are all the emaciated models going to do now?!
Michael... Sorry to hear about the softball thing. Be right over to to take a look.

SA... Thanks. I think. :-)

John Q. Public esq... Welcome to Blognonymous. I tend to think a bit more, "sideways to reality".

Fashiongirl... Heroin.

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