Cloak of Cluelessness

Some months ago I heard that Bush would travel to the upcoming APEC Summit in Sydney accompanied by technology that jams cell phones in the vicinity, and I joked about the Presidential 'Cone of Silence'.

Well it turns out that not only does The Decider travel without having to hear protesters, he doesn't have to see them either...for real. In fact, the White House's advance staff takes great pains to ensure that Bush is never confronted by people who oppose him or his policies. They've even got a manual.

First order of business? Enlist local police to keep protesters away from presidential appearances--cordon them off into 'protest zones' that aren't visible from the venue or the president's motorcade.

Second, if protesters do make it into a venue, make sure that they can't be seen by the President or the media. Got that second part? Protest is OK as long as it doesn't get reported!

Third, use ringers to shout down anybody who verbally opposes the President.

And finally, if all else fails, use security to throw the protesters out.

Unfortunately, the notion of a Cloak of Cluelessness around Bush is no metaphor.


The lengths to which the administration is going to keep Shrub-boy clueless about what the "Merkan" people REALLY are thinking is worrying in more than one way.

Not only is our right to protest being squelched, but it makes me wonder what exactly would happen if he DID see this? Do his handlers know that if he saw it, he would go nukuler? Would he curl up in a fetal ball and cry? Is he that close to a nervous breakdown, or a complete meltdown?

Is a man this unstable able to launch a nuclear attack on the rest of the world in a heartbeat?
And finally, if all else fails, use security to throw the protesters out.

I would've assumed the "avoid physical contact" part would've qualified as a CYA, but with the surprisingly successful suit by the Ranks, I wonder if the wingnut goons - naw, who am I kidding.
Bush is a child
Would he curl up in a fetal ball and cry? Is he that close to a nervous breakdown, or a complete meltdown?

You know Sewmouse, your's may be the most important question. Why do his handlers feel that they must, at all costs, keep the truth from 'Bubble Boy'?

Randal... I was confused by that. How do you throw people out without physical contact?

Bush is a child

Graeme...and a very dangerous one at that.
I was confused by that. How do you throw people out without physical contact?

Aside from some people being more easily intimidated by someone invading their personal space in a threatening manner, perhaps one of those Cold War CIA remote viewing/telekinesis programs actually does work!
Double trouble is that they wrap the cloak of cluelessness in with the ignorance of and ignoring historical lessons cap. Altogether, the presidential propaganda outfit is much like the emperors new clothes...and astonishingly, he's still got many admires of the threads.
Randal... Of course you're right. Intimidation is a very effective tactic, especially in these days of detention without charges or trial. Hell even the NYC Police practice that.

Windspike... Coincidentally one of signs in the photo (fuzzed out for your pleasure) says exactly that, "The Emperor has no clothes!"
The Cloak of Cluelessness is going to cost the Australian people $143 million for this quick trip.
To be fair, we are going to keep Putin, Harper and the Sultan of Brunei clueless for that same bargain price.
The whole 2 day circus is estimated to cost over $700 mill. Those fancy cocktails are expensive.
More APEC disruptions
About 200 criminals serving periodic detention will be spared prison for two weeks so jail beds can be set aside for those arrested during APEC.
There've also been reports that elective surgery waiting lists have been put on hold to free up medical personnel in case of a terrorist emergency.
BONDI'S famous Icebergs will endure a meltdown so guests of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation summit can do lunch in their club. The Icebergs are a bunch of hardy souls who swim everyday of the year, regardless of weather. They play hard and play hard.
Jeez Cartledge, that sucks! $700M?! That's insane, and...AND they're gonna interfere with the Icebergs? I say kick the APEC bastards out!
At least he isn't executing citizens yet. At least I hope not.

God Bless.
The megalomaniac child puppet might go nuclear if he actually discovered how much he is despised and how much the world's citizens abhor his policies. His stability must be preserved at all costs to keep him "staying the course". If he has a meltdown, even his handlers might not be able to handle him. The little twerp actually believes in himself and there is no telling what he would do. (Yeah, well Bush, just try rounding up all those Aussies to slap into your concentration camps that you've had built for "aliens").
His latest stroke of genius is that America shouldn't have pulled out of Vietnam. He never fails to cause my jaw to drop.
Cool blog.
AnonP...but it does look like the Australian federal police are prepared to play rough with protesters. The stuff Cartledge has been talking about in the run up to the meeting has the air of thuggery about it.

Worried... I'm more concerned that Bush knows, but doesn't care, what anybody thinks about him or his policies. Of course, that means that the "protest manual" is primarily geared to keeping protests from being broadcast on the broader media.

Jessica... Welcome to Blognonymous and thanks. Yeah...I heard the Vietnam comments as well. F*cking disconnected he is!
Kvatch, I think that's it is that he knows, but does not care, as you said. The main purpose of the isolation is not to keep them away from Potomac Pinocchio. It's to keep them away from the press that are part of his regalia.

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