The Bush Administration - A Modern Politburo

Yeah, yeah, yeah... So Gonzales resigned. Big freakin' deal! Is it going to change anything? I don't think so.

But here's something interesting... Have you noticed how much the Bush Administration resembles an old-style Soviet Politburo? Remember when Leonid Brezhnev died? The announcements from the Kremlin went something like:

"The Chairman is fine."
"The Chairman is well."
"The Chairman has a slight cold."
"The Chairman is dead!"

At Bu$hCo, when the President announces that you have his full confidence, you know that your time is limited.


March 25, 2007

Purgegate: More Bush/Rove Soviet Style Thuggery
Bush/Rove/Cheney/Gonzalez Commissariat

Political appointees oversee science (FDA & global warming) in this administration.

Political appointees botch, bungle and butcher Iraq reconstruction and Katrina relief.

Political appointees are sent into the CIA executive suite for a political cleansing mission.

Political appointees set up a propaganda office in the DOD to deliberately and maliciously mislead the nation into war while refusing to plan for known obstacles ultimately leading to thousand of troop' deaths and injuries.

The hue and cry over Purgegate is that the Justice Department has traditionally been significantly and honorably immune to rank political interference. Not under our presently governing thugs.

Despoiling democracy and honor while emulating a Soviet/Communist Commissariat model government is the operational and ethical basis of Gonzalez and his handlers.

Good news. If politicizing the Justice Department finally brings out the backbones of our legislators, Republican and Democratic alike, shout hosannas. Citizens of the entire planet sincerely want the America that strives for honor, honesty and equal treatment under the law to reappear.

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cheers all!
Cogitorex... Indeed. The parallels between the Bush Administration and a Soviet are numerous. I've blogged on this before as well. Particularly on the appointment of "Zapmpolit" (political officers) at NOAA and NASA.
It seems that with Bush,
whatever he says,
the opposite is true.
At this pace they'll be out of apparatchiks by 2009.
Something is "up"
Something BIG
Something that required Gonzo and Rove to leave.
Whatever it is - it is going to be earthshattering - and soon. When the excrement hits the oscillating unit....
Aaron... In fact (per Kiko's House) even over the weekend, White House insiders were denying that Gonzales had resigned.

Lying sacks-o-sh*t!

SA... Can you ever really run out of apparatchiks? I'm sure that there are a dozen bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, ideologically pure, "yes" men and women who'd love to replace Gonzo.
Aha! Who knew the name of those beady eyed tattletales?
Meesure KVATCH, dat's hoo.
"Zapmpolit" (political officers)!!!
Thanks. cheers.
Personally Kvatch...I think you have unnecessarily insulted the Politburo by the comparison to George and his residency of the United States. One has to hope his residency will end soon and he'll escape to Paraguay and leave us to our devices. At least the Ruskies know how to hold their Vodka!
Sewmouse... Could be, could be. Whatever it is, I'm sure we can count on Chertoff (or whomever the next AG is) to provide cover for Gonzo et al.

Cognitorex... And I didn't even spell "Zampolit" correct. :-)

Sumo... :-) :-) :-) You're right. Next time I talk to Gorbachev, I'll apologize.

I read a headline stating Chertoff will take over the post.
Does this President know how to look outside his inner circle to find someone to fill the positions that become vacant in his administration?
Makes you wonder if Brezhnev et al knew what was going on, or whether they were kept away from unwanted news as well.
George probably means all those nice words, just he hasn't been told the whole story. Anyone for mushrooms?
Must be a coincidence, since we've seen the lesson he "learned" about Vietnam. I doubt he'd be able to absorb much from the Soviet model. The folks who invented "swiftboating" have the audacity to claim his good name was dragged through the mud for political reasons; apparently he's confusing the words perjury and partanism.
Tree... Chertoff may well be the nominee. (I also heard that rumor.) For the interim, the current Solicitor General, Paul Clement is going to take over.

Let's Talk... Not so far. Though I suppose you couldn't really refer to Ashcroft as an insider, and you'd think that Bush would have learned after the Harriet Miers debacle.
Cartledge... It's tempting to dismiss Bush as merely a figurehead, but considering how myopic the US government has become, I can't imagine that it isn't a reflection of the leader.

JM... Gonzales' "...good name"? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh! ...OK...better now. [wipes tears of laughter from eyes].

You're right, I could see how those two, perjury and partisanism, could be confused.
Big freakin' deal! Is it going to change anything? I don't think so.

Amen. Certain quarters of the moonbat blogosphere seem to get excited that all these clowns have resigned. Iraq still going on with billions wasted? Millions still without health care? Economy still helping only the top? The feds still spying on everyone? Some of Nixon's cronies got time, he and the bigshots got off scott free. Ditto for Reagan, and it'll be the same for these assholes. Just once, I'd love crime to, you know, actually be PUNISHED by lengthy jail sentences.
Being told you have Bush's "full confidence" is like being investigated for a crime and getting described in the press as "not a suspect at this time."

Who Hijacked Our Country
Randal... Certainly would have been more satisfying if the future-former-AG had been 'duck walked' out of the DoJ, wouldn't it?

Tom... :-) :-) :-) Or being kissed by the Don.
Kvatch, the Reich has its minions embedded so deeply throughout federal agencies that digging them out will take years.
"Iraq is fine."
"Iraq is well."
"Iraq has a slight cold."
"Iraq is dead!"

"The US economy is fine."
"The US economy is well."
"The US economy has a slight cold."
"The US economy is dead!"


Hey! It's fun! Just add anything before the is and has and you too can make your own domino theory.

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