BlognonyBITS: Hillary Clinton and Bu$hCo's Minions

The Bush administration has politicized
Everything from DoI to DoJ, NOAA, to NASA, to FEMA.
Should we assume that the Secret Service is exempt?

Senator Clinton has Secret Service protection for life,
Accompanying her in Congress and on the campaign trail.
What do they report to their paymasters?


No, of course they aren't! They know exactly what is going on...
They are except, so that they don't tell all after shithead leaves da house!
I'll be the unpopular one and say that Clinton has kissed so much corporate ass that the powers at be are not so frightened of a Clinton Presidency. Thus, they may actually be protecting her at this point.

Still, if I were a democratic politician, any democratic politician, I would assume that my emails are being read, my phones are being tapped, spy satellites are tracking my movements, and that at any momment Bush could freeze my assets, seize my business records, and give me a cavity search for good measure.

Democrats keep wondering how BsuhCo keeps out maneuvering them...

Kind of easy when you have access to the playbook.

No oversight. No warrents. No Judges.

We're supposed to "trust" that Bush won't abuse his power.

I can almost guarantee that all the Democratic Leaders are being spied on.
Oh yeah, polishifter has them read perfectly. The Prosecutors Purge and Warrantless Wiretapping programs are clearly meant to establish the biggest blackmail/extortion operation ever conceived. Compared to this the Watergate break-in is a mere bagatelle.
Don't worry, that powder is still nice and dry. We just have to wait until the Neocon lunatics do something really egregious, then they'll think twice in the future!
Suzie-Q... Too true, but...are the willing to break what I assume is their rules and oaths to report it to Bu$hCo?

Catherine... But if the politicization has happened, then wouldn't Dubya be in just as much danger?

Democrats keep wondering how BsuhCo keeps out maneuvering them...

Polishifter... Interestingly, I don't really know if Senator Clinton has round-the-clock Secret Service protection. If I were her, I go with private security. The risk is just too great.
SadButTrue... "a mere bagatelle". What an awesome way to describe the difference between prosecutor-gate and watergate. :-)

We just have to wait until the Neocon lunatics do something really egregious...

Randall... Like what? ;-)
I tend to agree with polishifter, and go a feww steps further. Sen. Clinton is a corporate bought Washington insider and leans conservative as in reagan Republiucan.
The right knows this. They don't stand a chance of electing a Republican President, so the next best thing is Hillary. God forbid if it were Edwards and THAT is the crux of the biscuit.
All of their blustering about her is a Rovian smokescreen.

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