Blogger Hosed...Again

Friends... Starting at about 6:00 PM last night Blogger stopped being able to upload new and updated posts to my domain. I've checked with my ISP and tested my server's connections myself--all seems well. So this looks like a Blogger issue, though one that they haven't acknowledged yet. I have no idea when things will be resolved. Hell I don't even know if I'll be able to publish this post. But since it has no labels, I'm hoping that it won't stall.

Since historically Blogger has been pretty deaf to their user base, I suspect it might be a while. In the meantime, my latest post (which a few of you might have seen briefly) went up at The Unruly Mob last evening.

Hope to be back soon.



You are using a Google product, what did you expect. I am hoping to move to Word Press soon, come join me.
"[P]retty deaf"? Stone deaf is a better description to a query about any problem. That, I guess, is offset by the free part.
Tink tink tink...is this thing on?
A while back I had so many problems that I started migrating to Word Press, but then I realized that once I did away with Blogger's Labels, all was fine. I have not used them since and things have been very smooth.
Best of luck...It's been a year since I moved to moveable type paying for my own hosting service...gotta say I haven't looked back and don't miss bucking flogger one bit.

Blogger is free and I have to tip my hat to google for that...but for me, after a while the headaches just weren't worth it any more.
I'll get off The Blogger, too...one of these days.
So far I guess I've been lucky. Only one problem and that was when they made me move the the new blogger.

I will not move again to the new templates unless they make.

Otherwise I too say that Free works for me at this time.

God Bless.
I blame the google for clogging up the tubes.
Everyone, thanks for all the support. The basic problem seems to be that Blogger can't hold an FTP connection long enough to publish all of those stupid "label" posts--which they publish every time you label anything. A bug IMHO.

I've switched service providers for Blognonymous to a more reliable company, and it seems to have taken care of the problem.
I'm glad it's working out, Kvatch.

Off topic... you have a surprise waiting at my place.
I hope that you are okay....I got some duct tape and screw drivers I am ready to help....oh, it's not like the Space Station....oh....never mind then....

Hang in there...
TomCat... Been a busy couple of days, but I'll be over there presently.

E4E... We're pretty much done now. All of my domains have been moved, but thanks for the concern.

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