Back In Business - 1and1 Is History

While Blogger deals (or doesn't) with what appears to be a bug in their software (they upload all labeled posts every time you publish, regardless of content), I took the step of switching Blognonymous from it's old host 1and1 Internet (you know...the ISP that f*cked Spocko) to a new provider, eApps Hosting. Not only is eApps oodles more reliable than 1and1, you should notice Blognonymous loading a bit faster.

eApps is also where I'm planning on hosting the website for the Frogette's new company and a little side-project that I've been working on myself. Stay tuned for those.

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Best of luck in the new location. I hope there wasn't too much heaving lifting involved in the move.
I'm very happy to see that you switched hosts. Very few know this, but I was Spocko's right-hand man in the campaign to warn advertisers on KSFO. Let's just say that I sent out a LOT of e-mails. And KSFO thought it was all the work of one men. Fools.
Zenyenta... When moving from one host to another. The devil is in the details: Getting the files moved, getting the email addresses moved, getting the domain name server addresses set up. But fortunately... no heavy lifting.

PT... Outstanding! 1and1 sucks and deserves to be thrown into the dustbin of history--and not just because of what they did to Spocko.
really good, and yes it did load faster....much....

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