24 Hours of Good News - Hybrid Transportation

This is a Daimler-Chrysler Orion VII, diesel-electric hybrid bus. It gets 35% better gas mileage than a standard bus; puts out 90% less particulate matter; emits 40% fewer nitrogen/oxygen compounds and 30% fewer greenhouse gasses. But best of all, their electric engines make these buses quiet! I know because one of these babies can be seen in the morning on a route that goes right by the Blognonypad.

San Francisco is getting 86 of these in 2007. What's your city doing for the environment?

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Here in Cleveland, we're going to be getting some diesel-electric hybrid buses as well as part of the big project of connecting downtown with University Circle (where the Cleveland Clinic, the Art Musuem and Severance Hall is) and on into East Cleveland. All this is supposed to be done by 2008, but I'll believe that when I see it. Better late than never, I guess.
They've got a lot of them up and running now. I see them all over the place as I move around the city. They're fantastic.

The only thing that would make them better is if the public could ride them for FREE. :)
Here in Cleveland, we're going to be getting some diesel-electric hybrid buses as well...

Randal... That's excellent. I read that NYC is purchasing these buses big-time and says that they're actually proving to be easier to maintain than the the traditional diesel buses.

PT... Hey...maybe I could ride free, and we could charge anyone who wants to camp out overnight a $30.00 "hotel" fee. What do you say? ;-)
My city is making it harder for people to bike to work by having everything under construction
Too cool. Way to go San Francisco.
Scott... That's too bad. I remember Minnesnowta as being very 'bike friendly', at least in the 4 weeks you could commute by bike. ;-)

Pursey... I've been very pleased with our city's initiatives to make our transit more environmentally friendly. Hope more stuff is on the way.
I take the bus to work and the bus uses biodiesel. do I win a prize?
That's such good news! But since we don't even have a bus, we just can't compete.
I take the bus to work and the bus uses biodiesel. do I win a prize?

Prize for taking the bus to work? Absolutely! [DING!] Gold star.

But about the bio-diesel...don't know. How do they stack up to conventional diesel on the big three mileage, emissions, maintenance?

PoP... No bus? Where do you live? In some capitalistic, neocon, paradise? ;-)
I saw one of these new puppies on my ride down the hill - it was the Corbet I think 30 bus - you know the smaller one that goes up underneath twin peaks....it was very snazzy...and quite. I didn't know we had these until you pointed them out.

Fan bloody tastic.
Our closest city is 60+ miles away, so...its news to me.

Diesel/Electric? Never heard of that one combo. Diesel is less refined, definitely dirtier (stink & stain [at the pumps]) and the engines are much louder.

I do have an classic '83 Olds Cutlass Ciera diesel (in nearly new condition) that gets better MPG than the my gasoline vehicles, but the Federalis and big oil have fixed that benefit for me- they've fixed the price for the less expensive fuel to a higher price than regular gasoline. They have made sure that it will cost me at least as much to drive, if not more. Nothing fishy there.
Windspike... I haven't had a chance to ride in one yet, but the lower front floor will, I think, be great for seniors and the disabled. Looking forward to seeing many more of these on the streets.

Chuck... I suppose it's possible to mate an electric motor with any internal combustion engine, right? The only better alternative for my neighborhood would be for them to electrify the whole line by my house and put fully electric "trolley" buses on them. (We have those as well.)
Environmentally friendly and good-looking - what more can you ask for!? We don't have much in the way of public transportation here in 'ole NH...so not much is happening on hybrid public tranportation. We don't even have much in the way of taxis.
This is a bad, bad, bad post, Kvatch! There will be folk in the U.S. who, seeing this impressive photo, will want one of these 'babies' to drive to work and back and to Walmart.

Gone will be the urge to own a silly, little SUV. Big will be Better!

You guys are so evolved!
Elsa... We've even got hybrid taxis, SUVs and Prius'. Unfortunately, we don't yet have the ability to insist on a hybrid.

Daniel... That's OK, assuming that one lives in Utah or happens to be Mitt Romney's family! ;-)
Who got these in the divorce the new American Chrysler or German Daimler?

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