WOB - War on Bureaucracy?

Once again Blognonymous is forced to award the coveted, I Made Kvatch Snort His Martini Through His Nose prize to the MSM. Yes, Faux News gets the nod this week for the most nonsensical bit of reasoning we've seen in a long time.

According to National Review Online columnist and Fox pundit Jerry Bowyer, the bureaucracy endemic to nationalized health-care systems makes them a breeding ground for terrorists.

And from this, I think we can conclude that either Fox News believes that US HMOs, PPOs, and the like are free from bureaucracy...or...our terror alert level just increased to purple!

Next up...the War on Bureaucracy!


Faux news ARE the terrorists. They just have nothing better to do than spew this useless, unsubstantiated garbage all over the network.

I'm glad you came back refreshed and are chipping away at the idiots. We need you.
Fox News: quickly becoming the conservative response to (unintentional)Comedy Central.
Just when you think you've heard it all...
Sorry K., but I tagged you. You will need to check at my blog for details!

Ya gotta hand it to FAUX. Today I was at the auto shop in the waiting area, and the "Oh, Really?" Fuctor came on. Michelle Malkin was subbing for Bill. The lead story was about immigration, and about how awful immigrants are. She took one really bad apple and made him the poster boy for the whole anti-immigration stance. Terror alerts occupied much of the text on the scrolling news ticker at the bottom of the screen. I had to leave the room and come back because I was too pissed off to watch Michelle any further.

When I came back about ten minutes later, there was a commercial on, and right after that, the FAUX blurb mentioned there would be a piece coming up on Al Gore... and beneath the brief picture of Gore talking was the caption "Earth to Al Gore?", suggesting that Gore is crazy and that therefore the idea of global warming is crazy.

My wife doesn't pay nearly as much attention to politics as I do, which is probably why her blood pressure is lower than mine... anyway, she couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing, and she was sitting there mesmerized. I told her Malkin has a bizarre belief that internment camps are o.k. and her jaw nearly dropped. Her response was "People really believe this stuff?" I told her, "Yep!"

I think that of those people who DON'T watch FAUX "News", there are not enough of them who really know what kind of stuff is on that channel, or not enough people who care.
Peacechick... Working on the 'chipping away' part, but with stories like that, it's hard to think that one is having any effect.

Lew... So the question is: When is Fox News going to smell the coffee and change their tune to fit the times? They are nothing if not opportunists.
Lizzy... Right you are. Bowyer is dumber than a box of hair.

Snave... Already responded to this meme, but I'll give you one more. :-)

As for Faux News, they're like a modern day equivalent of the old scandal sheets.
Now, the evil, bloodthirsty islamocommienazijihadifascist fanatics are disguising themselves as Doctors and are going to kill the food on our families and behead our kids. Don't say you weren't warned. National health care may offer better care to more people for less money, but that won’t matter when you are dead because your doctor will be an al Qaeda second in command.

If we have universal health coverage, the terrorists win!
Great minds, Kvatch. :-)

What else might we expect from Faux Noise?
If we have universal health coverage, the terrorists win!

UndeniableL... Hey...HEY! Don't give the 'Thuglicans any ideas for catchy slogans.

TomCat... I've come to expect nothing, and I'm rarely disappointed. ;-)

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