A Tale of Two Sentiments

Bush Commutes Libby Prison Sentence

"I respect the jury's verdict," Bush said in a statement. "But I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive."

No modern president has seen such a sustained rejection

"Why does the rest of the world seem to hate America? Or is it just me they hate?"

Kvatch Says...

Don't bother looking at the rest of the world you stupid, arrogant, imperious, hypocritical son-of-a-bitch. Plenty of people right here in God's country hate you.


He is probably the most hated President ever and rightly so!
What an incompetent piece of shit!
Bush is either so stupid that he isn't aware that the world hates America, because the world hates him, or he just doesn't care.

I think he doesn't care.
What about all those death row inmates whose sentences he could have commuted in Texas?? Oh yeah, they weren't rich...
Suzie-Q... Even more despised than Andrew Johnson, I'd wager.

Larry... Perhaps he's blinded by the oppressive hatred he feels from overseas? But on the other hand, maybe he's just a moron.

...death row inmates whose sentences he could have commuted in Texas?

Comandante... Well, you know...they deserve their punishments. Libby apparently doesn't.
Nice to know he respects the jury. Just chooses to ignore their decision.

One wonders why a standard sentence, on the books, is suddenly excessive. Perhaps the REPUBLICAN prosecutor was biased.
The man has shown an aptitude for total cluelessness, if you know what I mean.
I guess Mr bush knows he is royally f***ed. Nothing to lose now...
Bush's going down for real now. I'm not Sun Tzu or nothing, but it's not a good idea to stir up your enemies when you're so weak.
who can hate a froggie like you, kvatch? you are a perveyor of truth and justice. dubya will go down in history as a fool who ultimately destabilized this country.
Plenty of people right here in God's country hate you.

Count me in that number.
It is the opinion of 2 of us out here in interwebland that this was in the works from the beginning. Scoots was told to take the fall - but his deal was simple - NO JAIL TIME. He'd take the fall for Cheny, Bush and Rove, but he didn't have to do jail time.

Bush planned to pardon him at the end of his term - expecting that the appeals process would be dragged out at least that long, and that Scoots would stay free during the appeals. The judge ordering Scoots to jail during appeals screwed that pooch.

Our guess is that Scoots has considerable "goods" on Bush, Cheney and Rove, and that his deal was - "No jail time, or I sing like a canary on crack!"

Bush HAD to pardon him now - or face having something(s?) revealed so heinous that it would put all three of the Trinity of Evil away for the rest of their lives.
He's either insane or just plain stupid. Either way, he is the most powerful man in the world and that scares the hell out of all of us.

He was too chicken shit to all out pardon libby. Okay, that's my opinion. Now will congress be too chicken shit to put impeachment back on the table?
Hatred doesn't really cover how I feel about our national idiot. Remember when it used to be Billy Carter? I miss the good old days.
You hit the nail on the head w/this one!
Nice to know he respects the jury. Just chooses to ignore their decision.

Lynn... "By their fruits you shall know them..."

Ron... I wonder if Bush even sees the disparity between his actions and this country's over-the-top penchant for locking up everybody and his brother.

Cartledge... A little over two years to go and Bush is off the reservation. Now things could get really interesting...but not in a good way.
SA... So you think that this will embolden Conyers and Leahy? Probably right.

RAFFI... Actually I'm a crank with nothing interesting to say on the topic, but the juxtaposition of those two articles caught my attention. Thanks anyway though. It's much appreciated. :-)

PTCruiser... OK, you're in! ;-)
Sewmouse... But if Libby really had something bad on Bush/Cheney, why not a full pardon rather than clemency? It's not like those of us on the left were going to be any more pissed off at a pardon?

he is the most powerful man in the world and that scares the hell out of all of us.

PoP... Right you are. I used to have very similar feelings about Reagan. Dumb ass going up against some of the smartest politicians this planet has ever seen.
Deb... "Billy Carter"! Haven't thought about him in an age. Kinda sad really.

Mary... Thanks.
I agree with Sewmouse, this was in the works from the gitgo. And as John Dean said last night on Olbermann's show, Bush hasn't pardoned Libby YET. It could still happen down the road.

What truly breaks my heart is that our own Representatives and Senators have ignored the grievous crimes of this administration - yet considered Clinton's lying about his relationship with that intern worth Impeachment.

We in the United States must rely on the World Court to actually go after our own criminals. And if Bush is able to quietly pardon himself, even they won't be able to touch him.
Libby Pardon: Fly Disgraced Red White and Blue at Half Mast this 4th

Dick Cheney and George Bush are a disgrace to our country. They are skillful liars as are all psychopaths. In fact lack of concern for community or democratic values as in putting oneself above the law combined with habitual lying defines psychopathy. It defines Cheney and Bush.

I personally don’t think Scooter is a psychopath on the order of Cheney and Bush. I believe he lived in an environment where lying and duplicity were practiced daily on the most egregious levels. Living in this environment day in and day out, he had little practical knowledge or experience that there could or might be even one possible iota of repercussion for bold faced lying. Lacking the snakelike skills of a Cheney or Bush he blew it.

That Scooter, the person, should not have to spend years in prison strikes a sympathetic chord with me.

That Scooter, the representative of an administration that adheres to no moral system in the pursuit of power and economic gain, should avoid justice makes me vomit.

I think we should fly all American flags at half staff this 4th and until these mendacious psychopaths are escorted out of the White House, one way or the other.

Better yet perhaps, would be to visit or demonstrate in D.C. and simply leave flags at the White House gates and the Supreme Court building. This, turning in of the flags, will represent that the Red, White and Blue is used only for propaganda by Bush, Cheney and the neocon party and it no longer represents American values.
It has been disgraced.
-craig johnson-
What does Libby know that has Bush and Cheney jumping through hoops for him?

Now that's power...
Diva... I can just imagine the reaction of Bu$hCo, if the World Court returned an indictment--red-faced with apoplexy, I'd think. As for pardoning himself, in effect, he's already accomplished that.

Cognitorex, if I had flag... Of course, we un-American, West Coast, urban, lefties don't usually fly flags on the 4th or any other day. I suppose I could hang one out my windwow. Though I suspect it would violate my condo by-laws.

Polishifter... Certainly something. Think a full pardon is too far away.
He's playing the sympathy card, and it's not working.
What's to celebrate this July 4th? The fact that our GIs are still in Iraq? The fact that our Constitution no longer exsists except in memory? How about we celebrate that CIA has secret prisons where one can be swept away and tortured in secret or that we have Gitmo and do the same there? Yeah, let's celebrate the birth of this great country and our great leaders in the White House, NOT.

I just want to party like it's 1999.
I'm solidly in PT's and Deb's camp on this matter... I hate the sucker, and I hate his administration. Period. I'm not one to bandy about a word like "hate" very much if I can help it, but I make a big exception in the case of Dumbya.

How much more will he "accomplish" during his remaining 565 days? That's right, 565 days to go. That's roughly 80 weeks, and when it seems like something new and majorly awful is revealed about Bu$hCo's nefarious activitives every week or two, that's time for at least 50 more things like Libby's "get out of jail free" thing to happen.
Happy Fourth of Libby.
Aaron... Hard to play the sympathy card when no one sympathizes with you. ;-)

Liberality... You have a point. Perhaps this 4th of July should be a rededication to kicking the bastards into the gutter.
Snave... You know the 'Thuglicans would call you "irrational". Not like there was ever a president that they hated irrationally...or anything like that.

NBfH... Eeeeeewwwwww! :-)

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