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Washington (f-A-ke. P.) -

Faced with the worldwide rejection of their "Abstinence Before Marriage" campaign, the Bush Administration today announced a new program designed to encourage young women in the developing world to marry early. One State Department spokesperson, speaking on the condition of anonymity, referred to the new initiative as "A Bride Before A Ride," and said of the program:
We want these young women to get hitched before they're tempted to engage in 'The Devil's Business'. These days, with puberty comin' on as early as the age of 9, we figure we've got nothing to lose.
The program will send $623M in assistance to 16 countries where young women are often forced to marry. Though, when asked about reports that child marriage deprives girls of education and threatens their health, the State Department responded, "Well we don't think that the people of Utah would agree with you."


Married at the age of 9? That's really sad...

I hope this program will make a difference.
Zing! Willard Mitt just blanched!
This is a plot backed by E-Harmony isn't it?
What a wonderful idea! Married at nine means they'll be able to have even more children.

Soon there'll be standing room only on our planet! Then we'll have to move to 'stacks on the mill' and, as a result or people lying on top of each other, the birthrate will jump even higher.

Moving the marriage age to ninety sounds more sensible to me.

Cheers from DownUnder!
Suzie-Q... I think the article said 12, but nevertheless...you're right. I hope Congress can put the kabosh on Bu$hCo on this one.

Fred... Wasn't intentional, just me searching for a clever way to end the post.
Fashiongirl... Maybe, but could eHarmony get the girls to answer the questions?

Married at nine means they'll be able to have even more children.

Daniel... Almost certainly what Bu$hCo is hoping for. You know, "Be fruit-flies and multiply."
Now I know he's crazy for sure!
This sounds "SICK", how can any person asks this of a child. Then what is it about the people of Utah?

I'm sure any of these people that promote this UNGODLY request of these children would never allow their child to marry some old fart or anyone for that matter.

Where now are their morals?
This is soooo sick on so many levels. One is that females are good for one thing only - submitting to marriage and forced childbirth. Why not just call us cattle.
Sumo... Congress has the right idea here, but isn't going far enough, IMHO. They really just need to cut off the funds, and then reallocate based on what countries are willing to do to stem the tide.

Let's Talk... I think that, unfortunately, it's mostly an economic arrangement. So as I said above, any aid we give should be contingent on stopping the practice and raising the living standard of such families.
UndeniableL... I'll take that as a compliment. ;-)

Peacechick... Agree with you 100%.
How about they get married as fetuses? That way they can argue that abortions break up marriages.
"A Bride Before a Ride"
"Well, we don't think that the people of Utah would agree with you."

Oh, that's just damned good stuff there....
EEK! PoP, that's taking an idea to its illogical conclusion. :-)

Nvisiblewmn... Thanks. Some days my cup runneth over with snark.
Will Bush get his pal, Rev. Moon, to preside?
"Well we don't think that the people of Utah would agree with you."

Oh - lol! - my! If snark is like sunshine then that, my good frog, was a serious solar flare!

Alas is so sad some folk are so serious about this program. Insanity... {shakin'head}
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