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Kvatch is still on hiatus, even though he did break down yesterday (6/19) to post these tidbits. So keep checking back for all the excellent posts from Blognonymous' guests, The Station Agent and BHFRIK. And remember, if you've got a great post that needs some additional attention, we're adding trackbacks daily. Just send an email to kvkopf AT GeeMale-dot-COM.


Hey Guys!

It's GEF's birthday! Please come by my blog and wish him a Happy Birthday! :)

Enjoy your hiatus! ;)
I got recharged last week. It does a body (and mind) good. Enjoy!
froggy, I will be in touch soon. The tension gets heavy when you start dealing with all the campaign dynamics.
I really need to get the international back sell running, just need to get it right.
The media here is far too politically savvy to work the way I was used to there :)
Hey Kvatch,

Hope your hiatus is going well. The site is getting a bit busy with your guests. Remember, quality, not quanity.
Enjoy the pond. I'll be away next week recharging by mental batteries by laying in the sun and cocktailing.

See ya soon :)
Posts from the future? (7/1 date?)

Hope your hiatus is progressing well.
Hope your hiatus is progressing well.

Sewmouse... Thanks for stopping by. Must be going OK, since I broke down and posted a tidbit last night. (Check out the post below.) I'll probably be back full time in a week or two. In the meantime, I've got great people filling in for me.
we all need breaks... especially these guys. c ya later.
It's good to just get away some times... maybe I will follow your lead.
Don't forget where home is.
Enjoy your time and relax. :)
Hi Kvatch, I realize that you are on hiatus and probably won't have time for this right away, but I have tagged you along with everyone else over at If I Ran the Zoo with a meme to share some fun facts about yourself with the rest of us. I hope you're having a great time doing whatever it is that frogs do on hiatus.
Enjoy the vacation Frog! Hope you indulge on nice jucy flies and kick back on soft lily pads.
Hi Froggy: it's summer. We all get burnt out from time to time.
I wondered what became of you. Enjoy your vacation. :-)
Happy Hiatus
I hope you come back before the pond freezes over! LOL
I thought I was going to be OK with this, but I'M NOT! I want my Froggy back!
Dear Kvatch...I KNOW and have been told via many emails last night that you are on Haitus....Enigma is BACK...yes, me, the REAL Enigma and I know all about taking breaks and needing space and time....please please rest and relax....and come back when you are ready,....I have missed you much these past 3.5 monthes.....take good care dear frog....
Isn't a hiatus a hernia? Daniel from you know where was forced to begin blogging again to restore his sanity (such as it is).

He is no longer trying to save the world, merely to survive it!

Just checking in on the green one. :)

Still on hiatus?

Ok. Will come back aqain in a few weeks.
Hey, I had to come home and get into the old grind after a week at the beach and it's a bitch. If I have to get back on the ball, so do you. :)

Despite your early doubts, the buzz on the new iPhone says it's going to be a huge hit.

Perhaps the two-year contract will stop some people, but not too many, if the latest indications prove valid -- starting Friday.
We're playing tag this morning frog and I've picked you. Need 7 things about you that no one knows. Anxiously awaiting all your darkest amphibian secrets!

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