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Where I live, there aren't many people who fly the flag on Independence Day, or any other day for that matter. In fact, I suspect that displaying Old Glory is getting more rare by the year. So doesn't a law designed to punish merchants for selling flags made overseas seem just a little bit cuckoo? We're trying to encourage flag sales, right?


I think this is simple-minded thinking that gets the "cheap applause" that politicians so eagerly and easily gain from the general populace of no-brain redneck Americans. Anybody that knows the basics of economics and free trade will be able to figure that one out.

I think these laws are stupid and there is no reason for them.

My post about US Flag Law
absolutely absolute. and retarded for that matter. i'm sure the politicians conjured up that law while driving their bmw's, mercedes, etc.
Now now dear Froggie... a certain segment of 'Murka must be fed jingoistic crapola every so often to keep that "yee-haw!" beast going.
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Here's the thing - and thanks Kvatch, I agree with you - just because we're fed up with what Dubya has done to this country doesn't mean we can't be loyal and proud Americans. I was flying the flag at my house long before 9/11. The sad part is that within a week after the attacks, my flag looked old and faded because of all the new flags that went up on my block and down the street. Of course, I'm the only one who is still displaying the stars and stripes these nearly six years later. I have a bumper sticker that gets right to the point. "I LOVE MY COUNTRY. IT'S MY GOVERNMENT THAT FRIGHTENS ME".
Steve... Thanks for dropping by.

Agreed. Political theater in my opinion and kind of sad considering how pride in one's nation is in pretty short supply these days.

RAFFI... "BMW"? Boston Moter Works?

Tina... True, but did you see those fines? $1000! Totally nuts.
LOL @ Tina
Dipps... Thanks for stopping by and for the link. It's much appreciated.

Robert... You know that's a great sentiment. Though I also sympathize with those who would fly Old Glory upside down, sideways, or whatever, in protest, we could all use a dose of patriotism.

Be patriotic throw da bums out.
With all the outsourcing of everything else being allowed by our legislators, it seems odd that they would choose just one item to make themselves feel as if they were doing something to stem the tide.
PT... You're gonna have to be careful. Pretty soon the CA legislature is going to mandate that the cardboard you use for freeway blogging be made in the USA. ;-)

Lew... So true! A bandaid for the sucking chest-wound that is jobs leaving this country.
Kvatch, to me this seems just one more phony issue intended it stir up the 28ers and distract attention from real issues, like Bush's war for oil and power, 47 million Americans without health care, Crawford crime, etc.
It used to fascinate me, crossing from BC into WA, being confronted by a wall of flags, but I was never game enough to stop the car, let alone get close enough to see where the flags were made.
That Ma ‘n Pa Kettle country seems far too patriotic to fly any flag not sewn personally by Betsy Ross.
I actually think only having American made flags is a good thing. Maybe we could have a government office that makes and sells them and use the money to finance health care reform. I also think that if you have a support the troops car magnet, it shouldn't be made in China.

I not not fly a flag, but I do like to contact the city when their flags are jacked up and ask if they know the rules for flying them
TomCat... No argument from me. I think that we're going to be seeing a lot more nonsense issues like this as the election gets closer.

Cartledge... What do you think Ms. Ross died from? Exhaustion!

Scott... I'm surprised at how often I see flags flying at half-mast these days? Soldiers who've died in Iraq? Disgust with Bu$hCo? Who knows, but I wonder if you're even allowed to fly the flag at half-mast without a governmental declaration.
I proudly fly the colors 24/7!
A weird law indeed - but I don't see flag prices increasing due to this law. Flags will now be produced in the sweatshops of the downtown LA garment district where they pay sub-standard wages. Or we'll buy them from manufacturers in the Marianas who use slave labor but slap a "Made in the USA" label on the finished product.

Sorry to nitpick, but it's "hecho", not "hencho" para tu bandera.
Robert... Good for you! (And really, I don't mean that in a sarcastic sense.) Question though... Isn't the US flag supposed to be taken down at night?


Oh...you would spellcheck me on a paste-up! :-) Sorry, my Spanish is terrible. I'll see if I can get a moment to fix it.
Kvatch, your prediction of more nonsense issues from the rabid right is clearly prophetic.
Bill Hicks' 1989 Sane man has a bit about flags relevant to this post. Check it out!

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