Weapons Insectors Insepcting Nothing May Stop Soon

It's slowly starting to sink in that those weapons of mass destruction we went to war in Iraq (illegally) over just aren't in that country. The inspectors were sent out of Iraq before the invasion and have never returned, though a U.S.-led team under a separate mandate found in 2004 that Saddam destroyed all his weapons of mass destruction in 1992.

Problem is, the inspectors are still being paid $10 million a year of Iraqi oil money to keep the team together in absentia. That money could be better embezzled by corrupt American contractors, thank you very much!

The U.S. and Britain are trying to end the inspector's mandate, but Russia's not playing ball. They hate us.

There's still plenty of work to for weapons inspectors, however. North Korea has invited the IAEA in to take a look around.

So, we're not going to just invade this time? Okay, but Hans Blix is going to be so pissed.

By the way, Blix has a suggestion for how we can get Iran to stop enriching uranium. It's cute.

And about that invasion we pulled in '03, Bob Woodward says that the media, himself included, should have been more inquisitive about all that. Thanks Bob!


Hard to believe that "journalists" wouldn't just regurgitate Bush administration press releases then head to the bar instead of investigating any claims. Wish I could exude such a slacker mentality at my job.
Ah, well, can't put guano back in the bat, eh?

I exude that slacker mentality at my job because they let me get away with it, but it's never going to get me anywhere.
Bob Woodward says...

"Yep...we screwed the pooch on that one. But, hey it's OK now that we've decided to admit it." NOT!

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