We Need a CEO President like We Need Judith Miller Writing Articles

Disgraced war mongering journalist Judith Miller's back and this time it's personal. At least its personal for the commenters on her blog. Brutal treatment for Judith. Nice work commenters.

I don't know why I expect so much from the media. Right now CNN is seriously doing a segment for their In the Money weekend show about the advantages of having a CEO president. Someone like... Mike Bloomberg! No mention of the fact that Bush, the man with the MBA from Harvard Business school ran in 2000 as "The CEO President." Their expert guest was Harvard Professor of Business Administration Richard Tedlow who didn't mention the fact that our current CEO President with the 26% approval rating came from his college. In fact, neither President Bush nor fellow former CEO, Vice President Dick Cheney were mentioned at all.

Speaking of Cheney, William Kristol went on Fox News Sunday and effortlessly defended the move of the real CEO President to secede from the executive branch.

Kvatch said it in 2006, Kill Your Cable.


Of course the corporate media is going to get behind another CEO president for their corpocracy! The top ten percenters have been doing great under Bush! What this means we'll have another chief executive who can decide which laws pertain to him while congress shoe gazes about what to do (if anything) about the arrogance of the tyrant.
I think they were saying what would a president be like that was a successful CEO. President Bush was apparently just a CEO. I think what we need is a 6 foot 2.5, red haired, Army veteran as president

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