Surge is a Scam; We're Staying the Course

The Bush Administration rolled into the November 2006 election behind the slogan "Stay the Course". Then the Republican Party got crushed in the election so completely that even the Bush administration couldn't deny that change must come. Bush summarily fired Defense Secretary Donald F. Rumsfeld the next day. Bush ruined his Christmas season gathering together the mighty Baker/Hamilton Comission to figure this whole Iraq thing out. And, when they finally unleashed their comprehensive bipartisan solution...

Bush picked out one sentence and ran with it.

The Surge was born.

During the massively frustrating appropriations debate, Bush and the Republicans told us that we needed to support the "new policy" until we could hear from General Petreaus himself if the Surge was working. Wait until September. Talk surfaced of the Republicans in Congress breaking with Bush in September when Petreaus announced the obvious. This talk quickly coalesced and became the conventional wisdom.

Last week, a reporter asked General Petreaus how he thought the Surge was going. He said that he wanted the surge to go on at least until December. He told another reporter two weeks ago that the surge could not be evaluated because the surge doesn't even start until all the troops arrive in Iraq.

On her show Friday, Rachel Maddow explained that in '04 and '05 between 160,000 and 180,000 coalition forces occupied Iraq. Today, with the surge finally fully underway, we have 177,000 coalition troops in Iraq. In other words, the surge did nothing but replace the troops from countries that have pulled some or all of their troops out of Iraq with American troops.

There is no surge. All we are doing is staying the course.

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Thank goodness for the brain damaged television watchers with no short term memories, otherwise the Bush adminstration might have to be held accountable.
What a surprise. No real movement other than rotating worn out troops back to the United States--something we badly needed to do anyway. But to what end? Bu$hCo has so far shown no interest in keeping the number and duration of combat tours down. So it doesn't seem too far off base to conclude that he's going to send 'em back...to Iran?
Unless, of course, he can ram that immigration bill through Congress, giving him a fresh batch of recruits to expand the war into Iran.
Oooof! Lew, that's not right.

Which makes just about inevitable for Bu$hCo.

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