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This story should warm the hearts of my friends in leftyness. Scholars Urge Bush to Ban Use of Torture is the headline.

The Presidential Scholars are the brightest of the bright chosen from graduating High School Students. This years crop of Scholars decided to use the opportunity of meeting the President to pass him a note about America's treatment of detainees. Kids these days... always passing notes out of turn!

Now these kids are highly intelligent, so you have to figure they dumbed down the note to Bush's level. Thus, the snarky title to this post! Which by the way is not based upon my perception of the students, but rather my impression of the President. I can almost see the letter, written in crayon on a piece of torn paper bag... "Deer Mr. Presdent. Pleeze stop tortring teh terrists. We Heart U!"

Well, to be honest I'm not any good at making a letter dumb enough for the President to understand. And I'm certain the letter the students gave the President would be a testament to their intelligence and cogent logic. To this years class of Presidential Scholars I say well done.


In light of the Supreme's decision today, I hope these "best and brightest" aren't kicked out of school.
Don't know about dumbing down the letter. Rather, appeal to our President's sense of greed and destiny:

Dear Mr. Bush,

I'll bet you didn't realize this, but you could make gobs more money for Halliburton if you close Guantanamo, do away with all 'intelligence gathering' operations, and just let the WoT escalate.


A Group of Concerned Students

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